I Wish I Had…..

This poem was written in 2001. I have never read it to Mum. Now I wish I had. I was always waiting for that appropriate moment – if only I knew when and what that appropriate moment was. Mum did not speak English but she could understand. I guess she would have understood the gist of this poem if I had taken the time to read it to her. Even if she did not, I could have translated it into Hokkien for her. I did not. And now I never can. Mum, if you are listening from up there, I dedicate this poem to you with all my love and gratitude.


Gently rocked my cradle
Humming soft lullabies
A deed great and noble

Coarse hands ever tender
Soothing away my fears
Always my defender

Tended me lovingly
A great cultivator
Raised to maturity

Austere and devoted
A being beyond compare
Ever dedicated

A guiding light of hope
Even in darkest hours
My despair you helped cope

There shall be no other
For there is only one
The one I call Mother.

5 thoughts on “I Wish I Had…..”

  1. Wow, that was amazing. so very sweet. i’m sorry that you never had a chance to recite it to your mom but i’m sure she knows how you feel.

  2. I know if i was a mother, I would have died happy and satisfied knowing throughout my life I had a son who loved and appreciated me as much as you did with your mom. =)

    I think you’re very sweet at heart and soul.

    God Bless you.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for those very kind words. I am still coming to grips with losing my mother. It is because of her that I am still here today. She was always there for the me no matter how big or small the problem was. The saddest thing is that I could not do much for her when she needed help most. I hope she has found peace wherever she has gone to. I miss her a lot, still.

  4. That’s very touching…it made me cry.

    I happened to surf in by ur blog lately…i think u r an amazing person, and im not saying this because u r on a wheel chair, even if u were walking like many of us, i would still say that…


  5. Sudheesh,
    Thank you. It is refreshing to be told that people see me for who I truly am and not say nice things to me because I am on a wheelchair.

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