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    ‘Lent’ which comes from an Anglo-Saxon word, Lencten simply means spring. A season of 40 days (Sundays don’t count, they’re mini-Easters) ending on the day before Easter, Holy Saturday. On Ash Wednesday, we had the ritual of accepting our human finitude and imperfections and declaring our subservient faith in God.

    So now take a Lent. Take 40 days or 40 minutes however you choose to take it, to examine your life. Acknowledge your less than best choices. Feel sorry for opportunities you’ve missed. If you start to feel guilty or depressed, invite them in. Let them remind you that you’re still committed to something better than what you’ve had so far. And then put them to work sweeping out the negatives of the past so that when the new beginning appears, the new spiritual home beckons, the new life cries to be born you have a clean room to offer it.

    … and peace be with you, always.

  2. Hi Peter

    Hope you are better now. Btw, Happy Lunar New Year to you. My wish for you is to be healthy throughout the whole year.

  3. Bkworm,
    Thanks for your concern.

    Lilian, :)

    Peace be with you too.

    Thank you.

    Jenny, :)

    Sleep is good medicine huh.

    I try but sometimes I tend to forget.

    Leo, :)

    Better today. Thank you.

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