Who Is The Bigger Moron?

According to Jeff Ooi there are bigger morons out there. Here is what he has to say in Malaysia in spotlight… right reasons:

Both Peter Tan and TV Smith have been picked up by media watchers in the US and France for their blogs about the Richter 8.7 Nias Island quake.

For those who don’t understand French, here’s the bebelfish.

If you think Peter is a self-confessed moron (read Instapundit‘s one-liner and Jeff Jarvis‘s accolades), the bigger ones are here.

Thank you Jeff. It is comforting to know that I am not one-of-a-kind. When “breaking news” has to go through all the layers and layers of protocols and approvals from higher ups, it becomes stale news. Bloggers may not be trained journalists but we get the news out fastest. Judging by the speed that our broadcasters go about disseminating information like this, many will turn to blog aggregators like the Project Petaling Street for the latest updates.

Author: Peter Tan

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4 thoughts on “Who Is The Bigger Moron?”

  1. Hi Peter: it’s alright to be called names — it lifts thee to a higher level …
    I recall the great exchange between Dr Mahathir Mohamad (then PM of Malaysia)when accusing international currency trader George Soros (then and now a currency trader) of being a rogue, causing the Asian financial crisis in 1997/98, to the effect,: Dr M: ” You are a moron …” and GSoros’s reply: “You are a menace to your own country.”

    So you see, Peter, you are among good company. I posted something on these two titans yesterday – Darling of the Media. Chow!

  2. ya. like what i stated in another post – peter is getting famous. 🙂

    actually i was reading blogs when the quake happened and had to abandan my computer when my neighbour advised me to leave.

    peter, remember, moron is your own words, and i agree with ylchong it’s all right to be called names.

    looks like these few days had been pretty exciting for you, huh peter? 🙂

  3. ylchong,
    It is all right. That does not bother me much. Thanks.

    You are famous too. Only you do not go about banging pots and pans telling the whole world like I did.

    If that will spur me to write better, it is a good thing. Exciting? Not really. Life goes on. 🙂

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