Church of St. Anthony, Kuala Lumpur

Church of St. Anthony, Jalan Robertson, Kuala Lumpur.
Photo by Wuan.

Two Sundays ago, we went to pray the Mass at the Church of St. Anthony at Jalan Robertson. The church is right across the road from Tung Shin Hospital. Mass was celebrated at the Dewan Dominic of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre. This building is right behind the church. That Sunday was the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. We were fortunate that we arrived early as the hall was packed to the brim when Mass commenced.

Dewan Dominic, Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre.

The Last Supper Artwork at the Altar.
Photo by Wuan.

Kuala Lumpur Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre.

Grotto, Church of St. Anthony

Church of St. Anthony.
Photo by Wuan.

Tung Shin Hospital, KL Tower in the background.

Author: Peter Tan

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3 thoughts on “Church of St. Anthony, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. i haven’t been to the st anthony’s church for mass but i had been to the archdiocesan pastoral centre (APC, which btw, is my penang office equivalent) for a 1 night 2 days seminar. they have accomodation there at APC but the room that i stayed in is just next to the lrt track and it was awufully noisy each time a lrt train went pass.

  2. My train passes by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre on the way to the station I get off whenever I am in town. And I have always wondered about the place…well, wonder no more, thanks to your blog!

  3. lucia,
    The church looks spectacular from outside. Too bad the car workshop just outside the fence spoilt the view.

    Now you know. 😀

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