Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

The many times that I have been to Kuala Lumpur, there were five things that I had always wanted to do. One of them is going up to the Petronas Twin Towers skybridge. In between conversations with SK at the Mid Valley Bloggers Meet, Wuan had told SK that we had wanted to make that visit but the tickets were all given out for that particular day. Incidentally, SK?s office is located in one of the towers and he offered to get the tickets for us.

On the morning of June 22, SK got his colleague to get five tickets ? one for himself, Wuan, William, Cynthia and me. However, each person is only entitled to collect one ticket only. Hence, his colleague roped in another four to stand in line for the tickets. Thank you guys. Much appreciated. However, SK later discovered that all he needed to do was to get his office administrator to book the tickets for us.

The elevator ride up to Level 41 was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced. There were no sudden jerks or creaks along the way. In fact, I did not even feel it moving. The skybridge consists of two decks connecting both towers at Level 41 and 42. It was a little hazy that day and rather cloudy too. Despite the Golden Triangle?s innumerable skyscrapers, there are still large areas with low-rise buildings.

I wished I had taken more photos but I did not. Wuan took many more. Perhaps I was too awed by the panorama. Besides, I did not have a good angle to shoot from. The railings on both side of the skybridge blocked a good part of my view. We were allowed only about ten minutes up there because of the many groups that were still waiting for their turn. Each group was allocated a time slot and given tags with different coloured lanyard for identification.

Visitors were allowed to linger at the lounge after that. The lounge consists of several display areas complete with documentaries on the construction and other technical aspects of the Petronas Twin Towers. There is a gift shop with all sorts of Petronas Twin Towers souvenirs. Wuan and I bought four postcards with views of the towers. We had an informative and entertaining afternoon there. Thanks SK.

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Author: Peter Tan

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14 thoughts on “Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge”

  1. whao..coolness. you know what, i’ve got to admit this: i’ve never laid my foot on the skybridge before. ack!! and yes..i’m kl-lite.

  2. Awesome picture of the pathway in the skybridge. Great pictures of the KL view. Brilliant. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!!

  3. i went up when they first opened it to public… quite awesome, but of course lower than kl tower…

    let me go and dig up those old photos lying around somewhere…

  4. I’m more than happy to know that you really enjoy the visit, even though it’s a short one.

    Never mind, the next time you come to KL, we go up again.

    Exclusively for Peter!

    Sounds like gay now, LOL!

  5. simon,
    Please share. Will be interesting to see how much have changed since.

    Sure. I liked the view from up there.

  6. i just took a verrrry similar pic last tuesday! i went with a friend and they were out of tickets too – but a tourist who didn’t want to wait till 3pm for his chance to go up gave us his 3 tickets.. !

    but the bridge had people on it for my pic, yours came out looking superfuturistic too! 🙂

  7. A few years back my wife and I went to KLCC and we were fascinated with the beauty of the Petronas Twin Towers. She was truly mesmerized when she gazed up to look at the towers. Hopefully, the next time we are in KL, we are able to go up the skybridge and enjoy the beautiful view from up there.

  8. Ok, that first photo made my knees turn to jell-O. I have this urge to want to go up to the skybridge, yet at the same time I’m SOO terrified of heights. sighs.

    I think someone needs to dope me before bringing me up. 0.o

  9. same same here, peter. each time i plan to go to KL i was hoping for a visit to the petronas twin tower too but alas no such luck. either not enough time… or no KL friends to bring me. 🙁

    i love all the photos you took here. i always enjoy aerial view photos. where are the photos wuan took? aren’t they put up in your photo gallery?

  10. ooOOoo… looks so kewl!!! but if it were me, i would be clinging onto the railing or just run across without seeing anything or just crawl on the floor and remain a good distance from the glass… heights scares the living day lights out of me!!!! hehehehehe

  11. prema,
    You were lucky. If not for SK, we would not have thought of getting up at 8am just to line up for tickets.

    Have fun.

    It will be fun, believe me. The view up there will be worth the scare.

    Wuan’s photo will be up in her own photoblog soon. Stay tuned.

    It was not that scary up there actually. It is all in the mind anyway.

    Yes, it was really great to be able to see the Klang Valley from there. If ever you are in Penang, do try to make it a point to go up KOMTAR too. The observation deck is on the 58th floor or something, much higher than the Petronas Twin Towers skybridge.

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