13 thoughts on “Haze In Penang Update – 6.18pm”

  1. a shout out to penangites from Haze Haters, we would like you guys to submit your pictures to our site since the smog has come your way… Klang Valley folks wanted to take pictures when they were free during the weekend, but now its at your side! We are hoping we can count on you, here’s to stopping the burning!
    cheers & please spread the word!

  2. I hope you’re o.k. Peter! I pray for you every day. You’re always up to date so I’m worried something’s wrong. I hope not!

  3. Sorry people, I have been too busy to reply to comments. Thank you all for your concern. Penang is all clear today. Hopefully this will last. Thank you.

  4. hey. i’m from singapore and yar. i do wish the haze stops. i was in kl the other day and WOW was it bad. so heres to the stopping of haze! (: love

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