Mid Valley Bloggers Meet II Photos

One with the blogger boys.

Many new faces attended the Mid Valley Bloggers Meet II at Oasis Food Court apart from the few veterans like Dustyhawk, Silencers, Sashi, Albert and Redzuan. The turnout was the largest yet so far this year. Another bash has been planned for the end of the year at a place more conducive for chatting. We have ran out of welcome at the two food courts in Mid Valley Megamall. Do keep a lookout for the announcement soon. I am glad I got the opportunity to get to know many more bloggers this time around. Thank you for attending and making this another successful meet. Below is the list of attendees from MageP’s Lab:

One of the two flashers’ behind.

Deandra – Memoirs Of An Employed Naivette
Norzu – What’s In My Head
Adi – A Technology Blog @ Syiok.Com
Sashi – Sashi-isms
Andreas – AlwaysWOW! For a Great Great WoW In Life
MENJ – MENJ’s Critical Thoughts
Fazri – The Silent Room
Hani – Practising Discretion
Tariq/T-boy – WHY ARE YOU HERE?
Frostier – A Weblog Of My Mind, My Memories, My Life
Yvonne Foong – Freelance Writer & Patient Of Neurofibromatosis
Andrew – Ironic Paradox
Serge – .:: Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror ::.
Chea Yee – Tales Of BakChee LengLui
Naoko – Ramblings
Albert – Glaring Notebook Trained
Madeline Yee – MORE TO SHARE ….
Nilesh Babu
Danny Foo – Websites Made Simple
Aniel Yoong – Angelceres
Nicholas – HELPING OF ME
Davina – RetardationNation
Raymond – Cybersist
Tiger Joe – The Tiger’s Den
Dzof – PPS Review
Fat Cat Lim – Away From Keyboard Journal
Redzuan – dJ Phuturecybersonique:
Peter Tan – The Digital Awakening
Wuan –  Point and  Shoot
Eyeris – Eye on Everything
Bkworm – Imagination Is The Key To Freedom
Marita Paige – A Leaf Off The Page of Marita’s Life
MataKecik – Life Through Little Eyes
Emily – The Life I Choose To Live
James – Loopy Meals

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* More photos have been uuploaded to the Gallery.

Author: Peter Tan

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  1. Peter Tan says out the incantation: ” I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”, and taps his Marauder’s Map with his wand.

    Hmmmm…been reading too much Harry Potter, huh?


    Nice to have met you in the flesh, Peter. Likewise to everybody else who were there~

  3. Leo,
    You are shameless.

    Yes, it is his.

    Silly Pat,

    Never read harry Potter before. What was I supposed to do when he shoved his buttocks right in front of the camera just as I was about to snap?

    Albert’s hair is no where close to my length. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

    Fat Cat Lim,
    Nice to have met you too. That photo is going to stay there for posterity.

  4. hope to know this community much better. i just introduced to you by my friend. so i’ve sent you several online interview questions to your email. i hope to hear from you as soon as possible. thnx.

  5. Yeah I finally know Peter’s hair’s age! 3.5 years. In four days mine will be 1 year old! And I’m already attached to my hair. Then again, hair is attached to me.

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