Devyne Pledges Her Hair For Hospice

Photo courtesy of Devyne.

What do you know? The Hair For Hospice campaign has on board a woman who pledged to shave her head together with the four of us. Devyne of Profound Sentiments of the Demented Soul had mulled over it, intimated to me about about that decision, informed her family and friends and here she is, pledging to give up her crowning glory to a cause that I believe in, one that she now believes in too. It took great courage on her part to give it all up for the Hospice. It is difficult enough to get men to shave their head, let alone a woman. Devyne made a big sacrifice and I applaud her for that. Devyne may lose her hair but the proceeds from this campaign will go towards helping many who will be losing their life. What giving up a headful of hair compared to comforting those who are waiting for their time?

6 Replies to “Devyne Pledges Her Hair For Hospice”

  1. WOW!!!! WAH!!!! WOAH!!!! (and all the other reasctions in relation to these)

    i salute you devyne!!! i sure don’t have the guts to go around bold… you go!!!!

    god bless you and return to you what you have given many, manyfolds!

  2. i am… pleasantly surprised. this’ll be good. this’ll be awesome. i’ll help you kumpul money. all of you.
    p/s selamat botak =)

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