An Apology

Words once uttered cannot be retracted. In my impatience in trying to futilely get my points across regarding why non-disabled people should not use accessible toilets, I have, in some instances, been tactless, callous and impolite. I may have hurt someone (Jess) in that process. I will not make excuses for those misconducts. I have reflected on that for the past two days, realised that my discourteous behaviour was uncalled for, confessed to my parish priest yesterday and made penance for it.

Further to that, I would like to apologise to Jess whom I had an intense debate at Narcissism Is Necessary. I am sorry for using those unpleasant words. There was no necessity on my part to conduct myself in such a manner. However, I stand by the facts that I have presented. I would like to humbly appeal to you to try to understand the restricted use of accessible toilets from the point of view of disabled persons. There are rationales why they are so.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Wow, lucky I did not stop to say hello yesterday!

    Father Stephen once told us during evening mass, No one can makes you angry, except you yourself. That is the most treasured advice I got from Father Stephen.

  2. Hi Peter, my first time here. Lilian is right i guess. I was an angry teen, and there’s this very very kind priest from Holland, Fr. Murhen (he’s retired now, and gone back to Holland) who said the same words to me. I guess there’r times when at the spur of the moment, u cannot control ur emotions and just haf to spew out those unpleasant words. Hmm.. there arent’ many Catholic bloggers around are there?

    Btw, i can’t help noticing but now, with ur ‘shaolin’ look, u kinda resemble this singaporean actor. cheers! haf a good day.

  3. Hey Peter,

    The old saying goes, “To err is human, to forgive, divine.”

    Sometimes its important for us to understand the need to agree to disagree. Its the very core of civilised human interaction.
    Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”.

    Such too is the magic of blogging. The liberty to say what you feel and the realisation that it may not widely accepted.

  4. You CCed the email to all the organisations in Xia Xue’s case. It caused one of her endorsement to stop.

    Since you have posted this apology, I wonder if you did CC it to all the organisations mentioned earlier.

    Lastly, a piece of advice. Try not to get too much into the public attention. In this Xia Xue’s case, you never know who’s standing on her side. You are risking the donations for the organisations. If there is a reduced amount, you jolly well know what happened. Yes, you reap what you sow.

  5. Peter Dude,

    You are, by far, a much larger person than most of us. Your points came accross to me crystal clear.
    Futile? Surely not…understand that those who wish to disagree with you on this issue do so mainly for sake of debate. Many have the intelligence to agree with you but choose to play the devil’s advocate. Those who have tried to justify using the disabled loos as their right probably still have half a functioning brain, which is enough (IMHO) to enable them to KNOW right from wrong, decent from indecent and courteous from rude.

    Proj on.

  6. Peter – congrats on the campaign to highlight the issue to her sponsors. I know how tiring it must be to have to be fighting ignorant ppl all the time but I for one wish it every success. We may not be able to make realise the error of her ways but we sure can hit her where it hurts the most – and that is her endorsement deals.

  7. Peter…you rock! Let’s bury this issue once and for all. Ppl do as ppl does, monkey do as monkey does. Peace mate.

  8. Peter,

    I keep up with your thoughts on this blog quite regularly. I admire your faith-strength and your good works. You inspire me.

    I also keep up with xiaxue’s blog. I admire her very different strength and sense of fun. She makes me laugh.

    Irregardless of the opinions you both hold, it is an individual’s [right] to opinion that’s important. A comment above catches this clearly. God didnt bless the human race with free will for nothing.

    “Hitting her where it hurts” over this stupid arguement is not right. In my opinion, you went too far.

  9. I agree with savahn that what mooiness say is childish and doesn’t warrant what peter is trying to say in his post. Though it is easy for us to say let’s just end this discussion here, it is clear from wendy’s post that she is furious and that any bit of money do aid her family’s daily life.

    Though I do not come from a single parent family, I do know close friends who are anf I can say that their lives are usually not easy to lead, primarily in their struggle to make ends meet and create a comfortable home for their family.

    Peter, you may think whether you would like to approach the sponsors again.

  10. hi, i have never been to your blog before and i get this link through xiaxue blog. I won’t deny that u may have ur own point of view against the issue she blog about. But attacks should be towards her topic, not to email her sponsers. This kinda stuffs is like so” underhand.

  11. I don’t buy it. With all the luxuries and indulgences(as shown in her pics and blogs) she’s been having at the expense of friends and family, you think she’s ‘making ends meet’ with money from the endorsing deal? C’mon, people, what does that Pink Poodle gotten into yall? I’m no moral guardian but the way she’s making a fool outha everyone is plain nauseting. And Savahn is partialy correct, ‘Hitting her where it hurts’ is another way to say ‘Getting her to stop dissing on handicapped and people in general or at least ‘think’ before she writes. That was the attempt but after reading her latest adamant and swearing blog on Peter, SHE DESERVES IT.
    Peter, you were right all along.

  12. I agree with savahn too. Abit too much..

    “…..Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction….” — Martin Luther King

  13. i din really agree with xiaxue on the disabled toilets issue, but i feel that what you did to xiaxue was really low. if you disagree with her, fight back with your blog. who are you to teach her about morality and shame her for not meeting YOUR moral standards. come on, get off your moral high horse already.

  14. I said “hit her where it hurts” because she obviously does not realise that what she says about Malay ppl or the disabled (just to name 2 examples) is wrong and hurtful. And if the only way to make her realise the error of her ways is to disrupt her endorsement deals then so be it.

    Attacking Peter and Kimberly personally over this just goes to show that XX’s supporters cannot find a way to justify her words.

    Contacting a company is our right as a consumer. Peter just presented the facts (it’s all there on XX’s blog posts) to her sponsors. Hey, Peter couldn’t come up with better evidence than what XX wrote herself even if he tried.

    And notice that Peter never sank so low as to swear vulgarities at XX. If you want that, come to my blog. I love swearing just like your beloved idol. 😉

  15. Kimage is outta there! Read their reply to me on the blog. Peter – we couldn’t have done it without your impetus. Ok flamers, I’m ready for ya. Come flame me on my blog. 🙂

  16. disgusted, the argument cuts both ways for then someone may turn around and ask who are you (or even I for that matter) to tell Peter what to do, as it would be us then on the high moral horse.

    peter, you have apologised and that speaks volumes of you. while xx’s post on the issue is clearly wrong and one that should not be condoned, and, that you recognise where you were wrong to Jess, to apologise, i believe you are big hearted enough to do as jesus said, to turn the other cheek when it comes to xx.

    yet please do not stop highlighting about issues of disability and creating awareness. god bless you.

  17. How could you ever done that to the poor girl? I didn’t agree totally with wat she wrote in her blog but now I’m thinking twice. How could you ? It’s her livehood!! Be a gentelman! Why only apologize after all harm be done? Write back to her sponsers and help her get her endorsment back if you are really sorry. After all you just can’t say sorry and walk away after murdering someone in a fit of anger. The dead cannot be brought back to life but in this case you still can fix the hurt you’ve caused. You’ve made your point and we all get that. Be a man and fix it.
    Action speaks louder than words. May god bless you always.

  18. when being ask the question, why did u do that, your reply BECOZ IT ALWAYS WORKS just says what kind of person u are.
    & yet u still acting so religious with god here n there when u can be so spiteful.
    n i always thought the handicapped ppl will tend to have more pride..
    maybe i should stop feeling sorry for ppl like u.

  19. As a christian myself, I am deeply disturbed by your actions. When I read XX post, I disagreed with what she said, but I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As a christian, you should know the value of tolerance.

    Who are we to judge who is right and wrong? To me, only God is fit to pass judgement. While XX should not have said what she did, did she ever cause harm to anyone? But you take it upon yourself to punish her? Perhaps it is your idea of a crusade?

    To go behind a persons back is despicable. I am ashamed that I have fellow christians who behaves like that.

    To Moonies,
    You are a sad person. So full of hate and bitterness. You take perverse pleasures in seeing others attack each other. I guese, whatever makes you feel happy. I just wonder what made you the way you are?

  20. you’ve made it famous by criticising xx!
    her endorsements are down, are you happy?
    my point being,
    if you’re so named a christian, why are you doing all these, like what Sad said, to go behind people’s back?
    it’s very saint of you to have to cut your hair to gain funds, i respect you for that,
    but if you know, i agree to her, it’s a priviledge for the handicapped to have their own toilets, but again, many handicaps will want to be treated as normal. If normal singaporeans have to queue for their toilets, handicaps may have to wait too. If a singaporean is in queue infront of a handicapped, he/she should let the handicapped have the toilet,

    but if the normal person is already in the toilet ( which was unoccupied minutes ago) , the handicapped should also understand.

    what if you’re not in singapore and yet in another country like taiwan etc where not everywhere has a handicapped toilet? Will you go shrieking ” I WANT TO USE THE TOILET FIRST BECAUSE I AM A HANDICAPPED!”

    It’s a priviledge.

  21. So many Gutless and Infallible peeps who flamed here and don’t bother to leave their proper e-mail and Blog address. Please be responsible for your comments.

  22. “Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.
    And goodness – what God desires – is here (*points to head) and here (*points to heart).

    By what you decide to do every day you will be a good man; or not.”

    Confront the issue. Not the person. I think you have done grave wrong by attacking her (even if you did not mean to do so in the first place) sponsers and hurting her. She was just expressing her own opinion (albeit recklessly with words). You can either take it or leave it. You chose to hurt her in the most direct manner possible. I think your actions were totally irresponsible.

    What if she came and took away your wheelchair? I think its similar to you causing her to lose her endorsements.

  23. Hello there!!

    Ecc 7:20
    There is no one on earth who does what is right all the time and never makes a mistake.
    ~You n xx alike..~
    in Ecc 7:3
    Sorrow is better than laughter; it may sadden your face, but it sharpens yours understanding..
    ~maybe it wasn’t a bad thing to both of you after all?~
    ~ blessings~

  24. Agree with what Sad said. I’m not XX supporter, and I was in fact really pissed when she wrote what she wrote about Malaysians. However, I don’t think we’re anyone to judge her actions and whatever she has to say.

    If Moonie disagrees with XX and thinks that she’s low, he has stoop even lower than that. Because you don’t agree with her, you took pleasure in taking away her endorsements? You’ve not even been personally attacked or harmed by her. Just because you disgaree with her THOUGHTS, so it’s right for you to attack her by taking away part of her income? The worst part is, you feel so delighted about it. What have you achieved by taking away all the endorsements? Are you just jealous because someone else is earning money out of blogging when you yourself can’t? Seems like it to me. Oh wait, no maybe its because you CARE A LOT about the young generation of Singaporeans.

  25. Hey guys, let it end here. We should stop punishing him further like this. Let bygones be bygones. I think he feels bad enuff. It is only human to err, we all hurt someone else from time to time.

    btw, i am also a Christain and i also use the handicap toliet from time to time 🙂

  26. If you even bother to read her blog carefully, you will know that she is NOT ATTACKING disabled people, but an individual that is rude. I’m a christian too, i am VERY EXTREMELY DISGUSTED by your underhand methods. yes, you are entitled to your own opinions, you have your reasons, you understand better coz you experience it. she may not understand how important it is to keep the toilet clean, dry and etc.
    but that doesn’t give you a reason to punish her ignorance in this manner. what has sponsorship got to do with the issue on disabled toilets? how can you be so malicious? its not about the money, its about YOU SPOILING HER REPUTATION. are you sure this is what a christian should do?
    “because it always works” … don’t use your disability as an excuse to do such things. its despicable.

  27. Yes i really agree with you Sad. I still can’t believe you did this kind of things. You went really far. You show yourself to be a very despicable person. I look down on you. Yes. I really look down on you. How can you pretend to be so religious-or-wadeva-shit after you got both her endorsements down. Can the harm be undone? No. And i think evil people like you should perish in hell. no point feeling sorry for you. YUCKS. and you are telling everyone to feel sorry for disabled people. and i suppose most of them have PRIDE unlike you. do you really want a life like this? get a life man. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE VERY NICE OR WADEVA SHIT. CONFESSING OR WADEVA WONT GET HER ENDORSEMENT BACK? WHO DO PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST? ARE U REALLY A CHRISTIAN?

  28. I have read what she wrote and I knew she would get into trouble with some readers. But I have never expected some readers would actually want harm done to her. Why would anyone do that for? In this world, we are suppose to have a freedom of speech. I agree with her in this point… if you don’t like what she writes, stop reading her for christ sake.

    Being a Christian, Peter has apologise and repent. Let’s put it all behind us and move forward. I understand he did it on impulse, but some things done can’t be undone.

    Let’s hope there will not be anymore mails sent to hurt others rice bowl from anyone in future. If you are not happy, just stop reading them. Or send nasty remarks etc… Remember, what goes around comes around.

  29. this is just so underhand. cant believe that a small issue could be blown up and one party would resort to underhand means to “hit it where it hurts”. how low can u go?its not right to impose moral standards neither is hitting below the belt a valid excuse to make ur point. u’ve made it clear that’s its wrong and she’s saying that its a one off thing. point taken.
    gosh what is this world coming?!
    You are a sad person. So full of hate and bitterness. You take perverse pleasures in seeing others attack each other. I guese, whatever makes you feel happy. I just wonder what made you the way you are?”
    i totally agree with Sad.

  30. I have never liked you, but now I think you hardly have any kindness in your heart. You sound like a big bully. What you did to Xiaxue … does the revenge taste sweet or was it bitter ? She is entitled to her own opinion even though they are different from yours. Why cant you handle that ?

  31. I do not think Peter Tan was apologising to XX so XX’s supporters should read again and again and again and maybe consult some other people who understands English better. Anyway, that’s not important.

    What’s wrong with writing to complain to Voxy or Kimage or any endorsers of XX???? If there is no case against her, her endorsers will not retract their endorsement deals.

    If I remember correctly as well, XX in her previous post did mention that she was working in a hotel as a banquet staff and she herself wrote a letter complaining about another banquet staff. So? Was she underhanded too in her ways???? She felt that the banquet staff was not doing a good job and therefore wrote to have him removed.

    Live by your sword, Die by your sword.

    If XX’s so called living expenses is being threatened by endorsers retracting their endorsement deals, then maybe it’s time she started working for a change. Don’t go crying about how hard it is living in a single parent family etc. Do something about it and stop relying on others.

  32. I think you did not get Xiaxue, really. What she meant is that the person using the toilet who scolded another person, as seen by her brother, was rude as although it is his fault that he did not close the door, he scolded the person who accidentally opened the door for doing so without knocking, and that he shouldn’t use the toilet for the physically restricted. That person, coincidentally, happened to be handicapped. All Xiaxue did is to have said it in a little crude way, but it’s her sense of humour that we, her blogders like, really. For you see, usually people do lock doors when they go to toilets, for the lock is actually within the reach of almost anybody, even physically inconvenient people, since the handicapped toilets are specially designed for them. And well, I think you should really understand, for you see, there are not many physically restricted people around, and thus Xiaxue thinks that when there is no phsycially inconvenient people needing to use the toilet, it is okay to use it. She also did emphasize that it is important to actually give up the toilet to a handicapped person in case they want to use it, because after all, the toilet is specially designed for them. For you see, the handicapped toilet is really big and comfortable and all that, and who doesn’t desire the better things of life, even toilets? But the important thing is that Xiaxue understands that the physically restricted does have a priviledge over others in using a handicapped toilet. She may have said it in a rather rude way, but what she actually meant is that *that* person who was at the toilet was wrong, and not handicapped people in general.

    Personally, I think that you should have emailed Xiaxue and clarify certain matters with her before making hasty decisions such as writing to the companies she was endorsing for. That’s because personally, I really think that Xiaxue is a frank person and she does not really mean to be impolite to the handicapped. Besides, I think that it wouldn’t be of much use to take away one’s possession so as to stop a person from doing something. For even though she doesn’t do something (say, rude or mean or anything), she would have the thought, and personally I think that it’s actually equally bad. Besides that, I really hope that you can take note of one point, that is, that after all, these brands that she is endorsing for actually does concern her livelihood, and although she may still live quite well without these money, her life may be changed in a negative way. They are, after all, her own possessions, and by doing this, you are actually taking about her possessions. I’m sure we all know how sad it feels when something that you like is taken away from you. Young as I am (14), I do understand how painful it feels like. Xiaxue may have felt really sad, but because she wanna convince people that she is strong, she may have deliberately posted those posts.

    I do understand, of course, about how certain matters that people are especially sensitive about infuriates them, because I do feel angry when others talk bad about my school, my friends and all that. But I think that maybe you could have actually calmed down, so that later on, you can already have a clearer view of the whole picture. By then, if you still think that it is ok to email the companies Xiaxue’s endorsing for, then you can do so. I mean, it is more important to have a clear conscience after all, isn’t it?

    This is just about how I feel on this incident, and I really hope that you understand what I wanted to tell you about. Good luck for your future endeavours, and stay strong=)

  33. now wait a minute, i have yet to see peter admitting to writing the emails.. I am wondering still when did this writing emails all happen.. Unless i did not pay attention, or search carefully..

  34. to break someone’s rice bowl is the most unethical thing one can do to another. XX’s views may be wrong, but that does not mean that you have the right to attack her in that manner. you have employed the ad hominum method of defending your position.

    let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  35. Been ping-ponging over several blogs lately regarding this.

    At first I was a bit taken back by that post of hers, because I’m the type who gets appalled if I accidently sit, like say, in the bus underneath the ‘org cacat’ only sign (>> when i first started taking buses =.=”). And she even bad mouthed a handicapped person! At least that was running over the neutrons in my brain over and over.

    But read on, I see her point. I’m not offended by her post at all. And all of her posts as well, including the KL one(i still think ppl are overreacting on this).

    In fact, I’m glad that she acknowledges a handicapped person as only having a physical disability and not mentally/personality-wise. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I’m rather confused on this subject. I must admit I give leeway and am more considerate towards people with physical disabilities. Should I or should I not scold them back if they had been rude to me?

    However, to have done what you did, it’s a malicious. Even if my lecturer doesn’t know how to teach, I won’t write things in lecturer evaluation forms (even though, anonymous) that will cost him his job. Unless he’s already leaving/left that is (empty comments though). It’s someone’s life, however much or little i do not intend to ruin it.

    i think consideration is the key. I think if that there’s no one using the handicapped toilet (or is waiting etc) it’s alright to use it. Actually even in shopping mall where the toilets are brimmed full (women’s toilet… fahamlah), we would line up outside the handicapped cubicle as well. If anyone handicapped comes in, we will definitely give way for her. Or whoever needs it more (pregnant ladies, people who ate something wrong etc). Same goes to bus/LRT seats etc.

    I understand we’re all just humans, Emotion over Logic. But you cut someone, the scar will remain. we feel, we hurt and maybe we repent. and the last one is the most important imho. You’ve apologised, but it’s a bit hard retracting shattered chicken feathers. I guess, an apology is as much as you can do, better than nothing. i know what you’ve done for society, and i do admire you for that. btw, bald looks better on you somehow, lol.

    Hmm. still am a bit surprised at the online mob against XiaXue. Of course, it’s their opinions.

    An if it harms none; do what ye will.

  36. You are plain dispicable. To scheme and write in to XX sponsors simply becos you didn’t agree with her point of view, or didn’t like what you read on her blog. To think that you are a full grown adult man, and not a 11 yr old kid, yet you do such things and call yourself a Christian. SHAME ON YOU, PETER TAN!

  37. Hey…just read both of you and XX’s blogs…i do admit that maybe XX may have been insensitive in posting her thoughts (in that particular way anyway) but it was all done in gd fun. It was never meant to hurt anyone nor to put anyone down. However Peter, what u have have deliberately hurt someone and that can not be forgiven…Being a Christian (infact for believers of any religion – i’m a free-thinker), i believe that as long as ur conscience is clear, no harm can come to you. What you have done simply shows that ur God has not gotten through to you (despite wat He had done to save humankind). i come from a single-parent family too and i know how hard it is to earn money to support the whole family. XX, despite “showing off” (if it pleases you ppl that i put it that way) her branded stuffs, she had earned them through her sheer own efforts. No one has the right to take that away from her.
    Because of a comment about handicaps using hadicapped toilets and it got you so adamant enough to harm her in order to get your points across…i must say that was much worse than what XX had done (if you believed that she’s wrong in the 1st place).
    Another thing which i do not understand is how can anyone feel better once thay have confessed their guilts to their respective Gods? Only the person you have caused the harm to can forgive you…
    Peter, hereby i wish you well and i believe you honestly made a mistake and i hope you do learn from your mistakes and never commit them again.

  38. Right, so this entry isn’t about Xiaxue, and I’ve just taken some time to read that whole debate on Kimberly’s blog. Sad to say, I am seriously appalled.

    What about Kimberly insulting Jess’s ability as a mum? I think that was really uncalled for even though Jess didn’t make much sense there. In fact, Jess was big enough to apologise to both you and Kimberly, but did the both of you even acknowledged that or bothered accepting it graciously?

    As for you, Peter, for someone who plays such an active role in promoting and campaigning the rights for PWD, I must say you’ve conducted himself in a really unprofessional manner. If you want to make address an issue, do it with more class so your message gets across. Good on you for apologising, but can I just mention it took you a good 5 days to do just that?

  39. Reading the number of comments regarding this, I’m sure you get the point. I’m not a XX supporter, but I do read her blog sometimes because she writes with humour. I may not agree with all that she said, and certainly do not like the use of vulgarities but it’s just her.

    As a Christian myself, I feel that you should apologise to her personally (through email at least) for judging her so harshly for what is purely, her opinions and experiences. Moreover, her opinions are not meant to harm anyone. I feel that it is right for you to write back to her sponsers to clarify the matter so that her reputation will not be smeared because of this. Maybe she will not be able to get her endorsements back, but on your part, u really should try to repair whatever you have damaged.

    In my opinion, having special toilets for the disabled is a privilege by society. Normal people should be able to ultilise it but if there is a disabled around, piority should/must be give to the person. 🙂

    I feel that although you have done a confession (to God), there is still a need to repair the damage (to Man). God bless.

  40. judge not and you will not be judge 🙂

    (general comment, regarding no spesific individual but applicable to all)

  41. gn,

    I find it real interesting that you said you won’t write things in evaluation forms even though your lecturer can’t teach. How is that going to justify you (or your parents) spending big bucks on college tuition? I believe we should get what we paid for. If my prof doesn’t know how to teach for nuts I’d definitely file a complain to the appropriate dept. I worked my ass off to cover some of the tuition fees and I expect to get what I deserve.

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic.

  42. I find your penance incomplete if you have not sought the forgiveness of xiaxue. The rules of penance is always to seek the forgiveness of God, and the offended.

    Your actions leaves me to conclude that you do not feel that you have done anything wrong in sending the emails. I find the roundabout approach distasteful

  43. You’re Malaysian?
    You should be exiled.
    Are you sure you’re Malaysian.
    So many years of living in a multiracial country and you have learnt nothing about giving and taking, compromising and understanding that everyone WILL have and are entitled to their own opinion.
    My opinion?
    Not everything can be seen in black and white. Sometimes there is a grey area of compromise.
    My grandmother was an able bodied person save a weak bladder, even at the age of 84. We would bring her to normal toilets.. but if there were toilet staff around, they’d always insist she use the disabled one for convenience.

  44. You’re Malaysian?
    You should be exiled.

    Are you sure you’re Malaysian.
    So many years of living in a multiracial country and you have learnt nothing about giving and taking, compromising and understanding that everyone WILL have and are entitled to their own opinion.

    My opinion?
    Not everything can be seen in black and white. Sometimes there is a grey area of compromise.
    My grandmother was an able bodied person save a weak bladder, even at the age of 84. We would bring her to normal toilets.. but if there were toilet staff around, they’d always insist she use the disabled one for convenience.
    When I was at the airport, I had a trolley full of huge bags and there was no way I could go into the normal toilet without leaving them behind. I was going to leave them behind anyway and pray no one would steal anything.. A very kind airport staff ushered me to the disabled toilet (I could wheel the entire trolley in) but told me to be really quick.

    You’re very self-righteous.
    You portray yourself to be charitable and kind person but what you did was so VERY unkind. For whatever reason that you strongly believed in, I think what you did was too harsh. After reading XX’s entry, I believe she wasn’t being malicious. Immature maybe, insensitive perhaps. I could even justify her words but saying it was pure stupidity. I can’t justify your actions with anything other than the words ‘spiteful’ and ‘malicious’.
    There are more than one side to every story.. what would be your words?

    I’m not a christian but almost all my friends are. They are very nice people and I was ready to generalize that christians, on the whole, are a nice bunch due to the religious teachings or any other factors. How naive of me.

    Lesson learnt.
    If there is something you suceeded in doing, it was not in making the world a better place. So you swatted one fly. There are millions of others. You can’t shut all loudmouths with controversial opinions. You can, however, lose any respect people have ever had for you. It takes years to build a good reputation, a day or less to tarnish it.

    Food for thought.
    You got XX’s endorsements revoked. Perhaps in light of your actions towards her, any charitable organization that might have wanted to donate to your cause would have revoked it. Your actions are after all a representation of what you stand for. And since what you did to her is making bigger news than what you did for whoever else, others might not want to be associated with an image of such a mean person. Do everyone a favour. Think what you did over, if you still think its right, go campaign with kimberly in bringing down ‘bad models of society’ and put yourself on the list of ‘bad models’.

  45. It’s disgusting when handicapped people exploit their disabilities to the fullest extent, and use it to manipulate others just “because it always works”. Remember that whatever little extras that handicapped people have in society is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. The rest of the world do NOT owe the disabled a living. We’re all what we make of ourselves in this world. You should not demand that others pity and give way to you.

    You lament on and on about “understand(ing) the restricted use of accessible toilets from the point of view of disabled persons.” You also wrote “And then there was one who haughtily gave justification for using such toilets because she considered herself temporarily disabled. Why? Because menses was dribbling down her thighs.” Now, how about YOU try to understand how we women feel about “menses dribbling down (our) tighs” 5 days every month? Not only do you use chauvinistic words against the general female gender, you also think that it is ok for women to wait in line with “menses dribbling down (their) tighs”, whilst a nearby handicapped toilet goes unused. I pretty much think that “menses dribbling down tighs” is very justified as an emergency if no one else is using the handicapped toilet.

    You actually think that making confessions and penances will solve everything. That be the case I guess all the terrorists will go to heaven. How can you be both religious and malicious at the same time? Instead of making such a big deal over ONE girl’s opinion, going so far that she loses her income, why don’t you campaign for other WAY MORE pressing issues? Like pollution? Or famine? Or female rights? Or war? Or something more useful than killing someone’s ricebowl.

    Just goes to show what kind of person you are.

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