Tokyo Tales – Day 15: Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday was basically spent lazing around the Hino Experience Room. We were all worn out from last evening’s misadventures. This being the first day of the Chinese New Year, we decided to celebrate it by getting Calvin to cook up a feast and invite our Japanese friends to join us for dinner. Cook up a feast Calvin did. Akiyama-san came with her PA together with Sato-san, Director of Japan Council in Independent Living Centres. A short while later, Wakasugi-san, PA Coordinator for Human Care Association arrived, followed by Maejima-san and Saito-san. Much later, another PA Coordinator whose name I cannot recall now arrived. After dinner, we shared the traditions and culture of the Chinese New Year and the similarities of other festivals that are celebrated in Japan. The surprise of the evening was when Akiyama-san and Maejima-san gave us each a present respectively. I got a mouse pad from Akiyama-san while Maejima-san gave me a box of chocolates and a Daruma doll. Despite my gloom earlier in the day, the new Spring turned out to be a jovial one.

Author: Peter Tan

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