Supporting Serge Norguard’s Blogathon 2006 Effort

Lionel at Oasis Mid Valley Bloggers Meet 2005
Photo by Wuan.

Serge Norguard is his name. Blogging for pledges to UNICEF is his game. This is a young man who is using his blog for a good cause. He is participating in the Blogathon 2006 to raise funds to help underprivileged children. Come July 29, Serge and thousands of other bloggers worldwide will be glued to their computers for 24 hours straight, posting an entry every thirty minutes, all in the name of raising funds for charity.

Last year, I participated in the Blogathon 2005 together with Suanie, Shaolin Tiger, Minishorts and Kenny Sia at Bloggers Are Morons and managed to raise over one thousand ringgit for the Penang Hospice Society. Due to other commitments, I am unable to participate this year.

However, I would like to urge you to support Serge’s effort by pledging to the charity of his choice – UNICEF. You can be assured that all money donated to this organisation will be put to good use. For more information on how you can pledge, please visit his website.

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