Kursus Teori Dan Amali JPJL2B

Kursus Teori dan Amali JPJL2B
Photo by Wuan.

Those were the props for the theoretical part of the Kursus Teori dan Amali (JPJL2B) that I attended last Saturday at Safety Driving Centre. Vijay, the instructor, went through with us the components found in a car, a little on defensive driving and some aspects of the driving tests. I need to attend another three hours of practical course before I am issued with the Learner Driver’s License.

3 thoughts on “Kursus Teori Dan Amali JPJL2B”

  1. Carburetor,water pump,alternator,starter motor,hoses,belts,damper,oil filter,air filter,drum brake shoe,clutch,etc.Must be from an old car!
    Boring stuff- enjoy!

    You would be surprised how many of those who attended do not know any of the parts. It can only get more exciting from here onwards. Driving lessons!!!

  2. i failed my first driving test cuz i was too confident!!!

    i quickly parked into the lot thinking that it was perfect and put up my hand.

    only later did i find out that my wheel was actually on the line…

    Let’s see if I can pass on the first attempt.

  3. My first impression when seeing the pic was:

    “Damn! Peter must be involved in some serious S&M s**t!”

    Your comment left me speechless.

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