Kursus Teori Dan Amali JPJL2B

March 6th, 2007 - Tuesday

Kursus Teori dan Amali JPJL2B
Photo by Wuan.

Those were the props for the theoretical part of the Kursus Teori dan Amali (JPJL2B) that I attended last Saturday at Safety Driving Centre. Vijay, the instructor, went through with us the components found in a car, a little on defensive driving and some aspects of the driving tests. I need to attend another three hours of practical course before I am issued with the Learner Driver’s License.

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3 Responses to “Kursus Teori Dan Amali JPJL2B”

  1. ex penang boy says:

    Carburetor,water pump,alternator,starter motor,hoses,belts,damper,oil filter,air filter,drum brake shoe,clutch,etc.Must be from an old car!
    Boring stuff- enjoy!

    You would be surprised how many of those who attended do not know any of the parts. It can only get more exciting from here onwards. Driving lessons!!!

  2. Boss Stewie says:

    i failed my first driving test cuz i was too confident!!!

    i quickly parked into the lot thinking that it was perfect and put up my hand.

    only later did i find out that my wheel was actually on the line…

    Let’s see if I can pass on the first attempt.

  3. Sashi says:

    My first impression when seeing the pic was:

    “Damn! Peter must be involved in some serious S&M s**t!”

    Your comment left me speechless.