One Chapter Ending And Another Beginning

March 19th, 2007 - Monday

Another chapter of my life is coming to a close soon. The extreme enthusiasm in embarking on the next chapter in a month or two from now is such that I am really running ahead of myself. The beginning of this new chapter was already long written by people who loved me so much that they left an enduring legacy for me to build on. The role entrusted to me is to ensure that this chapter concludes with a happy ending.

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2 Responses to “One Chapter Ending And Another Beginning”

  1. ex penang boy says:

    You’re keeping me in suspense! Pray tell more.


  2. nyrac says:

    hello mr tan, how’s life? do drop by my blog if you have the time, there’re updates. just felt that as a friend, i should invite you to share my joy =)

    Ms. Leong is no longer single and no longer available? ;P