Lina Joy – The Angels Shall Sing For Her Still

What is the point of keeping her body when her heart, mind and soul are elsewhere already? It does not matter what her religion is recorded as in official documents, or whether her name is Lina Joy or Azlina Jailani. All these are temporal. Ultimately, like everyone else, she will have to go meet her Maker one day. Whatever faith she chooses, let God, and God alone, judge her on that when that day arrives.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

17 thoughts on “Lina Joy – The Angels Shall Sing For Her Still”

  1. I think she wants to marry her boyfriend and not fear one day the government will take away her children

  2. why keep a non-muslim around with islam religion on the identity card when she’s not even one? wtf? shit…

  3. When i recd the news i had mixed feelings …..religion sometimes divides people and here this conversion had deepened the muslim christian divide. I am not to judge her conversion, whether she found happiness in her newfound faith or was it for love but for non muslims its a wake up call. Should any of your loved one, wishes to convert, its your duty to warn them that should one day in the future if he, she or their children do want to exit, its not possible. God is just ….its not ones religion that will decide whether you are welcome in heaven but your life here on earth.

  4. dis is not a matter of human right or freedom of religion but got a hidden agenda from her n her fellow FRIENDS….she can practise wht ever religion she like, i dun think church will ask her ic either she is muslim or not to enter. There is only 1 official religion stated in the PERLEMBAGAAN as a Malaysian u got to respect that…if not u ppl know wht to do rgt!!!!

  5. The way the verdict as I understand it, is that it is still possible for her to get the word “islam” dropped from her IC. The court reaffirm the government procedure that shee need to get Syariah Court order for JPN to drop the word.

  6. Fully agree with you. What sense does it make, how does it reflect on Malaysia, and what kind of thoughts will she carry? It is a lose/lose situation. 🙂

  7. I dunno, why muslim is forcing in the faithless? I am sorry to say that the trend is indicating that my fellow muslim friends that they have special right but no right to their own faith. Globally they do not have both right. I am happy to have just the latter. I am a freeman. That I think all non-muslim to really appreciate.

  8. Just a thought for consideration…
    When Jesus came, he never spoke about becoming a Christian
    He never spoke about becoming a Muslim
    Instead, He preached the Good News of the Kingdom of God
    There are 99 names of God…one of them “al-Malik,” or “King”
    Have you ever heard of a King without a Kingdom?
    Regardless of our backgrounds, each of us has the opportunity to enter God’s Kingdom
    Like yeast, it’s a different kind of Kingdom…”not of this world,” Jesus said.
    When we enter the Kingdom, the Kingdom enters us.
    We enter the Kingdom through repentance and faith in Jesus which brings new life
    Some, like Lina, will fight for the right to become a Christian
    Others will recognise that they can become faithful followers of Isa al-Masih as yeast within Islam
    Within Islam and Christianity all too often the “packaging” of our faith and traditions matters most
    In the Kingdom of God, it is the heart that God sees
    Lina, may you come to know the peace of God through faith in Isa al-Masih regardless of what your IC says
    What matters most is whether you’ve entered the Kingdom and found new life
    The sad thing is that the current setting may dictate you leave the country to marry your love.
    May God bless you and guide you on your journey of faith.
    Isaiah 50:10

  9. Aiyah! It is something like you having your children and then suddenly they grow up, they say they want to remove the surname. So they go to the NRD and ask to remove the surname. Now, you tell me, you as a father, how will you react to that? The children say it is their choice to choose what name they want! Then they go to court to fight to get their rights. Similar???

  10. Abraham, abraham…are you kind of a stupid or dumb or both? If your children want to change their surname, ask yourself, Why? Maybe he was swapped at birth, like the recent case reported in the newspapers? In any case, where in the world, past, present and the future is a person’s ethnicity determined by his or her “inherited” religion? Who is a Chinese? A Taoist or Buddhist and who is an Indian, a Hindu or Buddhist? Who is a Malay? Depends, before or after 1957? What a Joke! Religion or Not to have a religion is an exercise of the freewill. You cannot force a person to believe or not to believe. Believing is both an overt and covert act. You can brand me with a hot iron on my forehead “MUSLIM” and yet if deep in my heart I do not believe in islam, does that still make me a muslim. Even if you confiscate my dead body and bury it in a muslim cemetery, does it make me more a muslim? Please, be sensible, as humans we are endowed with brains that ought to be able to reason, so please reason. Faith and Reason are Related!

  11. I think I concurred with Abraham.

    This religion matter has been blown out proportion by people who are not careful with their words like “Guna sikit akal=use a little bit brain” and calling people stupid or dumb.

    Words can create war!

    People who are ignorant always create enmities.

    Has GOD not shown that war has torn many families apart? Be it religion or famine?

    There are more serious things to comment such as the future of this world vs greenhouse. This involve every human in this world.

    Enough of word bashing!

  12. David, a person who is intellectually challenged can be excused for the lack of reasoning.

    A person who is capable of reasoning but choose not to reason rationally ought to be rebuked for his or her own good.

    The trouble with us humans today is we are too politically correct at the the expense of truth and justice.

    Did not the profiteers at the Temple of Jerusalem were rebuked and chased away by Jesus?

    Words don’t create war; pride and prejudice does.

    I am not the least affected but what you wrote because there is nothing personal here, we are talking about issues, but I do apologize if my words are politically not to your taste.

    But here again, taste is subjective but truth and justice ought to stand up to scrutiny.

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