On-Board Aisle Chair

Once seated inside the aircraft, the movement of passengers with mobility impairments are extremely restricted. The few times that such passengers need to move around is to go to the toilet. An on-board aisle chair is used for this purpose. The on-board aisle chair is a narrow high-backed chair with small wheels. It is lightweight and foldable. When folded, it is very compact and fits into the overhead compartment of the aircraft. The aisle chair has straps for securing the chest, hip and ankles. This is to ensure that users with poor postural balance do not fall off the chair or get their limbs entangled in the chair or other things along the aisle. Cabin crews will usually assist to push the aisle chair to the toilet and back. Disabled persons who require the use of an on-board aisle chair should inform the airlines in advance as not all aircrafts are equipped with one.

Model of the aisle chair that AirAsia will equip all its aircrafts with
Aisle chair that AirAsia displayed during a press conference on August 4, 2007.
The budget airlines announced that all its aircrafts will have aisle chairs.
Photo by Wuan.

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