Kota Kinabalu – Day 4: October 30, 2007

Sutera Harbour Golf Course
View of Sutera Harbour Golf Course from The Pacific Sutera Club Lounge.

The measure of whether I enjoyed a holiday is by how reluctant I am to leave on the last day. Truth be told, our last day at Kota Kinabalu was with a tinge of sadness. Wuan and I had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the few days that we were there. There were still so much of this city that we have yet to explore and local delicacies that we have yet to savour.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport and Water Village
View of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport and Water Village.

We had our usual spoilt-for-choice buffet breakfast at Boleh Café. I wondered when I would be able enjoy such a wide spread of delicious food next. Buffet would normally be wasted on me especially with the low-protein and low-everything-else diet that I am on. Although the temptation to eat more than my diet allowed was great, I obediently kept to the recommended limit, almost.

The Pacific Sutera swimming pool from the Club Lounge
The Pacific Sutera swimming pool from the Club Lounge.

Rosalynn came to join us after breakfast. We went to the hotel gift shop to get more souvenirs. I would love to get some beaded jewelleries and handwoven fabric for keepsakes. Unfortunately, the shop did not carry any that caught my fancy. I regretted not getting it at the zoo’s gift shop which had some very nice designs that I liked when we were there.

Sutera Harbour Marina and The Magellan Sutera
View of Sutera Harbour Marina and The Magellan Sutera.

Rosalynn had lead us to the Club Lounge on the 11th floor of the hotel when we first arrived to show us that it was one of the 2 places that we could have our breakfasts. The sight up there was spectacular. Wuan and I wanted to capture some shots of the surrounding areas from up there before we left. We spent some time there taking in the sights and quickly filly up our camera’s memory cards with the breathtaking views. We could even see the airport with aircrafts taking off and landing.

AirAsia counter at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport
AirAsia counter at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Soon it was time to leave and Rosalynn dropped us off at the airport. It was a hive of activity as the check-in area was filled to the brim with people. With some time to kill, we explored the small airport complex. When it was finally time to get to the departure lounge, we were thoroughly annoyed when an AirAsia officer sprang an unwelcome surprise on us.

Author: Peter Tan

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