Hello Jeff Ooi

February 21st, 2008 - Thursday

Screen capture of my 12th General Election Polling Centre and Polling Stream

Jeff Ooi revealed that the DAP has announced his candidacy for the Jelutong parliamentary seat in Malaysia’s impending 12th General Election. I am throwing my support behind him not because he is a fellow blogger nor the fact that he is from the DAP. Jeff has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he dares to speak out without fear or favour on pertinent issues affecting the nation through his blog way before he joined the DAP. It is that courage that I hope he will bring into the Parliament should he be elected. We need people like him to ensure accountability, transparency and good governance in the administration of our country’s affairs. Go Jeff! Malaysia needs more courageous people like you.

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6 Responses to “Hello Jeff Ooi”

  1. thquah says:

    I will also be voting for Dato Kramat and Jelutong. Definitely will be voting for Jeff and vote for change. Just Change IT!!!

  2. hisham_r says:

    But damn stoopid if he runs against Koh. Also bloody waste if Tony Pua (blogger) runs against Chew Mei Fun. Either this is some arcane strategy or they’re too overconfident. They should win some easy seats first, get themselves a foothold into Parliament.

  3. tomatoinc says:

    There’s no safe seat in reality, and there s already sufficient internal bickering for “not-so-safe” seat. If Jeff Ooi and Tony can’t prove themselves on the battle field, there’s no point training them up for it, especially that they have just joined the cause.

  4. Jeffrey Chew says:

    Err…..Ex CM Koh Tsu Koon is having good friends with the rocks…(Batu Kawan). Go Jeff Go! Go Tony Go!

  5. Jeffrey Chew says:

    Btw, tomatoinc, strangely, I bumped into Jeff 6 times the last week or so….hmmmm…so he knows my friend, trust me he knows.