Putting An End To Shameless Shenanigans

February 3rd, 2009 - Tuesday

Some people just do not have the conscience to own up to the mistakes that they made. What made it worse was that they have the nerve brave the indignity of making other people pay for it together with them. I am truly ashamed to be related to people like these.

I am reminded of a Chinese proverb Dad that shared with me once: lu yao zhi ma li, ri jiu jian ren xin. It meant a horse’s stamina is revealed over long distances, a man’s heart is revealed over time. A very simple analogy but true to the bone nonetheless. He taught me this very useful phrase but was himself blind to the heart of the people he trusted.

I have gone through enough of this nonsense to do the one thing I should have done a long time ago – to totally disassociate myself from such scoundrels. Today is the day. Good riddance to these rapacious vultures who have time and again betrayed my trust with empty promises. Here is to a new beginning where relationships are concerned.

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One Response to “Putting An End To Shameless Shenanigans”

  1. JustinKC says:

    Seems like someone is making u very angry. Hmm…. i hate those kind of stupid people.

    I am more disappointed than angry.