Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

On the last few days of the month for the past two months, traffic for this blog exceeded the allocated monthly bandwidth. Those of you who visited this blog during those times would have been greeted by a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” message in place of the usual blog page. The good people at Easynet Interactive where I am hosting The Digital Awakening and several other blogs have kindly reconfigured the hosting plan and increased the monthly bandwith limit from 10GB to 20GB. Anyone looking for reasonably priced and reliable web hosting should check them out. This is not a sponsored or paid review. I am sharing this because I am really satisfied with their support and the reasons I have stated above.

2 thoughts on “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”

  1. I had the exact same problem, end of last month, with another blog of mine. My hosting company told me that “this limit” would reset at the beginning of April, and it has.

    I still don’t quite understand what all this bandwidth limit is all about. But it is nice to know that I have company.
    Best regards

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