Trackback and Pingback Not Working in WordPress 2.8

I just downgraded WordPress 2.8 to WordPress 2.6.5. The same problem with trackback and pingback not working cropped up just like after WordPress 2.7 was installed. When I discovered that WordPress 2.8 was not sending trackbacks and pingbacks, I deactivated all plugins and used a different template. It was still no go. I deleted wp-admin and wp-includes, overwrote files in the root folder with similar files from WordPress 2.6.5 and copied the two folders over. As soon as I ran the upgrade script for WordPress 2.6.5 trackback and pingback from published entries were sent out. Looks like I am stuck with WordPress 2.6.5 for now until I find a way to make trackbacks and pingbacks work for the newer versions.

One thought on “Trackback and Pingback Not Working in WordPress 2.8”

  1. I’m curious to know if you ever got this fixed? I’ve noticed this as well and it’s quite frustrating. I’m on 2.7.1 at the moment.

    I have not gotten around to reolve the issue. I am still on 2.6.5.

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