Panoramic View Of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin And Bukit Jambul

Panoramic view of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin and Bukit Jambul
Panoramic view of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin and Bukit Jambul.
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The image in the previous entry did not do justice to what I could actually see from the bedroom window in my apartment in Penang. The view from the 20th floor is practically unobstructed to Teluk Kumbar and all the way to the Straits of Melaka in the horizon. On clear days, I could see the tail of aircrafts on the runway at the Penang International Airport.

There are a lot of memories locked in that 850 square feet of space 30 meters up in the air. Mum spent the last four years of her life there, and I another two years after she passed away. Since 2006, after I moved down to Kuala Lumpur, I have been in two minds whether to keep the apartment or put it up for sale. I will definitely miss the breathtaking view should I decide to sell it off.

Author: Peter Tan

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One thought on “Panoramic View Of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin And Bukit Jambul”

  1. Well, look at it this way, if you rarely go back to penang,the apartment is underutilized and you’re paying the maintenance and utility bills for nothing.The appreciation in value of apartments in Penang is limited whereas their maintenance is non existent ,so expect the building to run down progressively.
    I would sell the apartment,invest in some low risk bonds or put it in a fixed deposit.The interest should be more than enough for a nice stay in a hotel when you swing around to the island for the occasional stay.
    Sometimes, practicality has to override sentimentality.

    The apartment is definitely underutilised. The apartments in that area is actually much sought after because they are just beside USM and near the FIZ (Free Industrial Zone). The apartment is slightly 10 years old but it has been well maintained. Believe it or not, the price has appreciated by 50%! But I see your point. Unlocking its value makes better sense. Thanks.

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