Fei Por To Go On A Slimming Diet

Fei Por the fat cat showing her tummy
Fei Por showing her tummy.
Photo by Wuan.

I went through more of the photos that Wuan took of Fei Por recently. The one above is incriminating. Fei Por needs to go on a slimming diet immediately. I do not want her to die of heart attack before her time. She should be around five years old (36 in cats years) now and has many more years ahead. I am going to get Wuan to cut down on her meal portions. It is for her own good. Putting her on a diet is one thing but how do you get a lazy cat to exercise?

Author: Peter Tan

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2 thoughts on “Fei Por To Go On A Slimming Diet”

  1. Well, if Fei Por eats less than she exercise, I think she’ll still lose weight, but slowly. Though it’d be great if she can exercise, right? =)

    Giving her less food is not a problem. The real problem is to get her to even move to burn some calories.

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