Jalan Sayur Char Koay Kak

Wuan and I went to Jalan Sayur in Pudu for the first time, first time for me that is. Apparently, there are some delicious food to be had there, especially in the evening. We tried to look for the place but got lost the day before. I was not too keen at parking illegally at Jalan Pudu. We used the GPS device to guide us the next day. We were directed to turn left into a back lane right after the Jalan Pudu – Jalan Pasar traffic lights. That led us to a car park next to Jalan Sayur.

Jalan Sayur char koay kak
Jalan Sayur char koay kak.

The char koay kak stall, which opens only in the evening, had a long queue despite the strong stench emanating from the waste container right behind the stall. It was a 30-minute wait. Wuan ordered the large portion with egg. It came with the usual ingredients of bean sprouts and minced chai por (preserved radish).

Truth be told, I was not impressed. Perhaps, the stench messed up my olfactory senses and taste buds. Moreover, the koay kak, literally meaning rice flour cubes, were more crumbs than cubes. That made it difficult to pick up with the chopsticks.

We wanted to eat the eggs steamed with fresh milk but they were already sold out by 7 pm. When we go there next, the other food we want to sample are the fried chicken, chee cheong fun, wu tau kou (yam cake) and hakka noodle. The stalls serving these popular hawker fares had equally long queues.

We will be having another go at the char koay kak again, this time hopefully the malodour is less overpowering and the queue is shorter, just to see if our taste buds were mistaken. Surely it must be delicious enough for people to be willing to stand in line for 30 minutes. I have not seen a queue this long for a while already. That is also because I have not been to places like this in a long time.

Author: Peter Tan

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  1. err… looks unappetizing.and very oily.not healthy.I wud save my stomach for better stuff.poor source of fuel for the system.

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