Early Christmas Present

December 17th, 2010 - Friday

Wuan and I met up with Victor Chin at The Gardens Mall last Saturday. If anything, we are bound together by our love for photography, with Victor constantly encouraging us to work on photography projects from unusual perspectives. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from him. At the meeting, he surprised us with an early Christmas gift, a coffee table photobook. It is a collection of work from National Geographic photographers from around the world titled “Visions of Paradise“. Many of the images are sights most of us will never have the chance to train our cameras on. Thanks Victor, for the beautiful gift.

Christmas present from Victor Chin to Wuan and me
National Geographic’s Visions of Paradise – an early Christmas present from Victor Chin.

Christmas present from Victor Chin to Wuan and me
Paradise through the lens of a National Geographic photographer.

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