Inconsiderate Driver of WUS 2722

The following photos were taken at The Gardens Mall. Wuan and I were on our way back to the car after shopping. As we came out from the lift lobby at Level P2, we saw this Volkswagen Polo parked in front of the ramp to the car park. That was not a parking space in the first place. The car was parked so close to the ramp that there was not enough space for me to maneuver my wheelchair. In fact, my wheelchair could not even totally get off the ramp. My legs would have hit the car with the wheelchair’s back wheels still on the ramp. And that was the only ramp to the car park from the lift lobby.

Car blocking ramp at The Gardens Mall
Car blocking the only ramp from the lift lobby to car park at The Gardens Mall Level P2 basement car park.
Photo by Wuan with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

I had no choice but to get Wuan to lift the wheelchair, with me, down the kerb. If I were by myself, it would have been impossible for me to get down to the car park. With access to the ramp blocked, it was also impossible to get to the lift lobby from the car park. I complained to the security personnel afterwards. He came out to have a look but did not seem to take any action in clamping the car for the nuisance it has created.

Access to ramp blocked by inconsiderate driver at The Gardens Mall
Another view of the car blocking the ramp at The Gardens Mall Level P2 basement parking.
Photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

It is inconsiderate people like this driver that makes life difficult, not only for disabled people, but also for shoppers with trolleys and baby prams. This is also the reason why many disabled people are unable to be independent outside of their homes. Apart from the environment being not fully accessible, ignorant and inconsiderate people also add to the problems by making accessible facilities inaccessible.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

20 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Driver of WUS 2722”

  1. Peter, that is terrible. I feel for you, there are so many things that an abled-body person cannot understand – ie their small gestures can cause inconvenience to others. And only to save themselves the inconvenience of walking further!

    1. You are so right. It may seem like a small matter to the driver but it was certainly a great inconvenience to disabled people. I hope people will be more considerate, not only to disabled people, but everyone else. It will make this world a better place.

  2. nice car but what a mentality… -__-”
    btw, that orange cone by the side of the car, maybe someone put it there to show displeasure to the driver?

    1. The base of the orange cone seemed to be pushed under the car. If someone did it to show their displeasure this way, I sure hope the driver got the hint.

  3. I would fucking key the fella … ram some shopping carts on to the car … seriously inconsiderate … and this is blocking the ramp, the management tow the car away! not just clamp, if they do clamp!

    1. Towing is definitely the better option as it will immediately remove the obstruction to the ramp. They do clamp but only once in a while.

  4. I know this may most likely NOT be the case but giving them the benefit of the doubt, the owner may have been ferrying someone who has mobility issues too.

    But Peter, as an action, perhaps it’s good to feedback to the management of the complex to ask them to put up signages in front of the poles & block to say something to the effect of Do not park here – Obstructing Ramp for Access. Sometimes it’s really NOT OBVIOUS to a person because they didn’t see that they are obstructing anyone.

    1. It is unlikely there was anyone with mobility issue in that car. There are eight accessible parkings right across the driveway from where the car was parked. I took the second photo from one of those eight parking lots. My car was the only one parked there when I arrived and was still the only car there when I left. A bright orange traffic cone is usually placed near that ramp to discourage cars from parking there. It is really very difficult to give inconsiderate drivers like this the benefit of the doubt in view of all these factors.

  5. just fucking rampet it already!! the last time i was with some friends, and a car was being inconsiderate (cant remember what dy) my friend just broke the side mirrors (TWO of them) a bit harsh, but it surely sent a message!!! *well, not that this helps the situation, but im violent as usual JAJAJA*

    1. I try to be civil most of the time because when I push the message across, I am also speaking for other disabled people in similar situations.

  6. Hi Peter,

    So sorry to hear your bad experience. I think I would not be wrong to say that the members in Volkswagen Club Malaysia finds this highly distasteful and disapprove of the actions of the owner/driver. It probable that the driver could not find a car park during peak hours and he/she did not intentionally hamper your access but that’s no excuse to simply dump their car in any location they deem not obstructing traffic.

    If it’s any consolation, I came across this car today purely by chance at B1 (heck, he wasn’t even parked in the same B2 level as yesterday if I recognize the parking bays correctly). Couldn’t resist leaving a note on his windscreen:

    I hope in some small way, it has made a difference and brighten up your day a little.

    1. Thank you for leaving the note alerting the driver that the indiscriminate parking yesterday had inconvenienced other people, more so to wheelchair users like me who had no other convenient way of getting down to the car park. I hope we all learn to be more considerate when using public facilities. It will make things easier for people who really need to use them.

  7. Hi Peter. I totally feel for you. Unfortunately society is as such. I have a 3 year old and there’ll always be some challenge(s) encoutered when I need to get her stroller pass or across one point to another. This happens in front of ramps that are out in the open as well and I’ve had moments when I had to carry my duaghter who was then about 8 months in her stroller up a whole flight of stairs. I’m also certain the driver of the VW like many others won’t give 2 hoots regardless of whether they’ve been confronted or told (cuz to most of them their logic boils down to the fact that they’re paying for parking so they better damn well have a spot). I really do hope u have less of these encounters. God bless. S

    1. Soraya, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope people will be more considerate when they come across such facilities and not abuse it. Shopping malls are the few places that are accessible to wheelchair users. Even there, we have to contend with barriers such as this that greatly incovenience us. Non-disabled people may not realise it but even a small step can be a big problem for us. And yes, I really hope I have less of such encounters too. 😀

  8. Hey,this is normal for malaysian drivers standards, taking into consideration people do drive in emergency lanes when there is a bad traffic, and double park for long hours making other people wait.. I am afraid this is part of the culture here..

    1. Sadly, I cannot disagree with you. This culture has to be changed somewhow. If not, we will surely turn into a society of selfish people with no consideration for the people around us.

  9. i am also a wheel chair user since i was 10 years old.i m very glad that there is someone like you who dare to share a comment for public about the inconvenience for disabillity.i faced the same experienced like you too.thank you for sharing your least i felt being encouraged by this forums.i would like to know more about tour for wheel chair user.

      1. i have never been abroad before.but,i wish i would be one day.many things be my consideration,can a wheelchair user take MRT at singapore? and would it be possible to join travelling group with wheelchair user?

        1. I have no idea about Singapore as I have never been there. You certainly can travel as a wheelchair user but that needs a little more research and preparation beforehand.

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