Round And Round And Round

The second driving lesson saw the muscles in my right hand tested to their limits. I went through the rigmarole of the three tests for the Ujian Memandu Bahagian II in today’s lesson, namely the slope test, three-point turning and side parking.

The three-point turning and side parking were strenuous exercises. I needed to turn the steering wheel to the extreme right or left for both activities. The power steering was not of much help much when the steering wheel was turned while the car was stationary.

It was a great relief when Andy indicated that today’s lesson had ended. My right arm was getting feeble. The last time that I used my arm this much was when I was in Tokyo and Bangkok. Hopefully with a few more lessons, the strength in my arm will improve.

On The Wheel

First driving lesson
Photo by Wuan.

The first driving lesson around the Safety Driving Centre circuit at Petaling Jaya was uneventful except for a moment of confusion when I pressed the accelerator instead of the brake during a three-point turning practice. Andy, the driving instructor was patient in explaining to me how the driving tests will be conducted. I also learnt about the technicalities of the slope test. My right hand needs more strength-building exercises. It was fatigued after forty five minutes of turning the steering wheel.

One More Month To Freedom

The requirement to attend the second three hours of Kursus Teori dan Amali JPJL2B has been fulfilled today. The next step is driving lessons. The soonest I can take the driving test is one month from the date of completing the Kursus Teori dan Amali and after having undergone twelve hours of driving lessons. Andy, the driving instructor, has worked out a schedule of eight sessions amounting to twelve hours to fulfill this. One more month…