Two Degrees of Separation

There is a good thing about meeting an online friend who is also a fellow blogger. We would already have a general idea of how each other is like from reading each other’s blog. Still, I was pleasantly surprised when I met Adriene for the first time. She was on an overnight trip here and we arranged to meet in church for Mass this morning. Since she is active in Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur, I had an impression of an outdoorsy rough and tumble girl which was only partially correct. I also had in mind a boisterous character but Adriene is soft-spoken and very courteous. She was featured in The Star yesterday.

We met Lilian after Mass. That was sort of a mini bloggers’ meet, the three of us, inside the Cathedral. I thought how wonderful it was that although we enjoy similar interest in keeping weblogs, the topics that we write about is absolutely dissimilar. Lilian blogs about her family and motherhood. Adriene promotes the Raleigh International. I write about the mundane. That is how different we are yet similar in many ways.

I am glad that Adriene had looked me up. Apart from the pleasure of meeting her in real life for the first time, we discovered that Michael, her travelling buddy for this trip, is related to Peter and me. Michael’s grandfather and our grandmother were siblings. Who would have thought that my second degree friend via Adriene would turn out to be my second cousin? Peter and I met a relative we never knew we had. This is an incredible day.

Bon Voyage Jane!

Was it deja vu? Barely one week has passed and I got invited to another dinner at Cynthia’s house. Her sister Jane is going back to Singapore tomorrow and what better way is there to be affectionately missed but cook up a storm of a feast. Wendy called me at 6.40pm and came to pick me up at 7.30pm. As usual, food was plentiful and delicious. I do not remember exactly who cooked what but I know the chefs included Cynthia and Robert too. Thank you for another beautiful evening. I will just let the images below do the talking.

Platters of the edible kind

Sambal udang buns

Mini pizzas

More delicious buns

Rempah udang

Mushroom chicken

Pretty jellies

The Joys of Friendship

It has been a long time since I have experienced the joy in sharing a nice meal with family and friends. The jovial atmosphere, the happy faces of children and the contented smiles of the elders all make a gathering like this one to be cherished and longed for. Cynthia invited me to a get-together held at her house just now. Wendy came to fetch me and we arrived just in time for dinner to be served. The food was good but what made it even lovelier was the company. I am gratified to have friends like them.