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Heat Wave

This must be the hottest season ever. The heat during Chinese New Year was scorching. The sky was blue, almost devoid of clouds. I could almost hear my skin crackle whenever I got out from the car in Ipoh. The heat in the afternoons are now being replaced by thunderstorms in the evenings for the past week or so. That did little to bring respite to the discomfort I have been feeling. I am most unproductive during times like this.

WordPress 2.9.1 Upgrade

When WordPress 2.9 was released, I upgraded but trackbacks were not sent out. I reverted to 2.8.6. WordPress 2.9.1 corrected that but another long-standing problem I have been facing still remains. Trackback links successfully sent out remains in the “to_ping” column instead of moved to “pinged” column in the database. I wonder if this problem is unique to me or the server that this blog resides in or one that other WordPress users are facing too.

White Christmas At 1 Utama 2009

There seems to be a trend among shopping malls to use bare tree trunks as Christmas decor. 1 Utama painted these in white, strung them up with baubles and place them among poinsettias for contrast. Like previous years, some of the decor have movements. This time, the gazebo above the main pavilion rotates like a musical box. The baubles on top of the stalls also rotate. Strikingly, the familiar conical shaped Christmas trees are not used at all. The lack of these makes the atmosphere less Christmassy.

Christmas at 1 Utama
Christmas at 1 Utama Concourse.

Christmas at 1 Utama
Bare trees with baubles.

Christmas at 1 Utama
Close-up of the baubles.

Christmas at 1 Utama
Poinsettias add splashes of red to a drab white setting.