I just found out that my physical disabilities should not be called tetraplegia or quadriplegia. They have a more precise term to refer to my physical condition ? tetraparesis or quadriparesis. So now, I officially suffer from tetraparesis and I shall describe myself as such from now on. That is enlightening!

Some may ask what the difference is between tetraparesis and quadriparesis? They both have one and the same meaning ? partial paralysis of all the four limbs and loss of sensation from the neck or chest downward. Tetraparesis is British and quadriparesis is American, just like you eat your biscuits and I eat my crackers. The world is such a confusing place.


I have been spending too much time surfing, which is not necessarily a bad thing since I am able to spend my time more productively instead of lazing around and doing nothing. The only drawback is that my feet become swollen after a prolonged period of lower body inactivity. This condition is called oedema. Yes! I am a prime candidate for deep vein thrombosis, too, and I do not even have to fly transatlantic to be afflicted. Wuan has this novel idea to rid the oedema – hang upside down like a bat. If only she can guarantee that my head will not become bloated instead!

Cyber Vanity: petertan.com

I truly and absolutely succumbed to the ultimate in cyber vanity ? registering a dotcom in my name. petertan.com is officially online as of February 8, 2003. Wuan had so generously bought the web space for me to move the two homepages I was managing from Geocities to this new domain. Our relationship is a progeny of the bitstream. We met online, and this milestone is momentous to us.