I have been spending too much time surfing, which is not necessarily a bad thing since I am able to spend my time more productively instead of lazing around and doing nothing. The only drawback is that my feet become swollen after a prolonged period of lower body inactivity. This condition is called oedema. Yes! I am a prime candidate for deep vein thrombosis, too, and I do not even have to fly transatlantic to be afflicted. Wuan has this novel idea to rid the oedema – hang upside down like a bat. If only she can guarantee that my head will not become bloated instead!

Cyber Vanity: petertan.com

I truly and absolutely succumbed to the ultimate in cyber vanity ? registering a dotcom in my name. petertan.com is officially online as of February 8, 2003. Wuan had so generously bought the web space for me to move the two homepages I was managing from Geocities to this new domain. Our relationship is a progeny of the bitstream. We met online, and this milestone is momentous to us.

First Blog

Heard about it; read about it; contemplated about having one to call my own; and, finally, now, I have my own Blog! So, what is interesting about blogging? For one, once where we could bitch to a few friends over a cup of teh tarik about how bad our day was, now we can bitch to the whole world about it. Cool, isn’t it? The world is getting smaller, indeed.