All My Bags Are Packed

We will be leaving Tokyo for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning. The training was wrapped up last Friday. All that is left now is the individual presentation we will be making to Ms. Asuka Ishizaka from JICA this afternoon. In the beginning when I arrived here, I felt terribly homesick and missed Wuan a lot. Now that I am about to leave, there is a sense of reluctance. Tokyo is so accessible for wheelchair users. I could go anywhere by train with little hassle. I am truly going to miss Tokyo and all the beauiful people here.

Blogged at Human Care Association, Hachioji, Tokyo.

Tokyo Tales – Day 13: Friday, January 27, 2006

After two weeks of learning, witnessing and experiencing the history, development and success of the Independent Living in Japan, it was time to wrap up the training and draw up an action plan to be implemented in Malaysia. The three-year plan for Penang included a series of seminars, peer counselling training and sessions. The ultimate goal is to set up an Independent Living Centre to serve people with disabilities, especially those with severe impairment.

After we have presented our three-year action plan, Nakanishi-san, Akiyama-san and Tsutsumi-san commented on how we could further improve and execute our plans. Basically, the action plan that I presented is derived from the discussions that I have been continuously having with several PWD Leaders in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Kuan Aw, Christine, Mee Hong and I share a common vision on how we could achieve this goal. I am confident that by working together we can successfully carry this through. People with disabilities, like everyone else, have the right to self-determination.

Tokyo Tales – Day 12: Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ito-san, Nakahara-san and Akiyama-san took turns to lecture to us on Roles of PWD Staff and non-PWD Staff, Consultation Services and Social Movement and Service Organisation respectively. These theoretical lectures, although seemingly dreary, is important for us to manage an Independent Living Centre effectively. It was also the day the two wheelchairs from JIL were brought to the Human Care Association. We will be transporting these two back to Malaysia on the same flight back next week.