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His And Hers Paddington Bear T-Shirts

Bossini Paddington Bear T-shirt
Hers – Paddington Bear in traditional red duffle coat and blue hat.

Suanie once asked me why she has never seen Wuan and I wear His and Hers T-shirts. The simple answer was that we did not have any. When we strolled pass the Bossini shop at 1 Utama last Saturday, Wuan was enarmoured with the Paddington Bear T-shirts prominently displayed in the shop.

Bossini Paddington Bear T-shirt
His – Paddington Bear in his trademark blue duffle coat and red hat sitting on suitcase.

She walked in and browsed through the available designs. I selected a red one that said “Please Look After This Bear Thank You”. Wuan took a white T-shirt with the words “Paddington likes to travel”. We got 30% off for buying two. Now, we have couple T-shirts. We wore it when we went out yesterday but did not take any photo. I may just become a fan of Paddington Bear. He looks so cute in his duffle coat and hat.

Have We?

Wuan and Peter Tan at 1 Utama

Have you ever met someone and felt like you have known each other forever? Wuan and I did. We met in IRC. My first message to her was “a/s/l?” which is short for age/sex/location in IRCspeak. I was in Penang, she was in Kuala Lumpur. The computer, the monitor and the telephone line closed the gap of 370 km between us.

We discovered that we shared common interests. We also liked similar food. There was a familiar comfort and warmth in our conversations. We were like long lost friends reunited. We chatted late into the night, every night. We were inseparable. Our friendship soon developed into something more. I knew, I just knew, deep inside me, that she is the one for me.


I don’t think
we have ever met
but inexplicably
our destinies entwined
reaching deep

in a past life perhaps
we were inextricable
I wonder
for we seem to have
an uncanny familiarity
of each other.

Circa 2001

In The Park

Maple tree outside Sogong Underground Shopping Center opposite The Westin Chosun Seoul
Maple tree outside Sogong Underground Shopping Center opposite The Westin Chosun Seoul.

The colours of autumn fascinates me. That is when Mother Nature bursts forth in flames of orange, red, yellow and all hues in between, just before enveloping everything in the blinding white of winter. One day, I want take Wuan to a park awashed in bright fallen leaves of the maple tree. I want to experience together with her autumn in its full splendour.

The closest I came to a maple tree was in downtown Seoul. It stood near one of the entrances to the Sogong Underground Shopping opposite The Westin Chosun Seoul. The season was in transition from summer to autumn. The maple leaves were still fresh green.

I want to soak in the exuberance of autumn with Wuan, listening to the crackling of the dried leaves with each step we take, listening to the wind as it rushes through the forest, shaking leaves off twigs and carrying them aimlessly in its wake. What will autumn smell like? Sweet? Musty? I cannot wait to discover with Wuan the mysteries autumn has to offer.

In The Park

Autumn’s wind
rustling the leaves
stirring up
a golden carpet
of amber and ochre
greeting us
as we walk
hand in hand
in the park.

Circa 2001