Heartfelt Thanks

Thanks to Adel, Lillian, Michelle and Theresa for a very beautiful morning. They came and shared a nice and simple meal with me. Adel had been with me throughout my catechism but I have only met Lillian, Michelle and Theresa a couple of times. Yet they made me feel like family ? a family in Christ. I am truly touched by their generosity and warmth and sharing part of their morning here. Thank you for remembering today. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

The State of my Kidneys

Trepidation always precedes my scheduled appointment with the urologist. Will the health of my kidneys get better or deteriorate? Wuan accompanied me to see Mr. Liong at the Lam Wah Ee Hospital for my six-monthly check-up last Thursday. I was to get my blood tested before seeing him. When I saw the hesitation of the lab technician while inserting the needle into my vein, I knew it was going to be painful. After a few failed attempts to draw blood, she gave up and retracted the syringe without first releasing the tourniquet. Naturally, blood spurted out the moment the needle was pulled out. The other lab technician had no problem drawing blood from my other arm and it was all over in a jiffy. The test would take approximately one hour to complete. In the meantime, my blood pressure was tested. At 120/80, it was considered normal.

When it was finally my turn to see the doctor, Wuan went in with me. The creatinine and uric acid levels have gone down. The creatinine has gone down to 181 umol/l from 188 umol/l. That is not a lot of change but still an improvement. The ultrasound of my left kidney showed that it is shrunken, which is consistent with previous ultrasounds. Even then, Mr. Liong assured me that it is still functional. The left kidney showed no signs of swelling which is a good sign. Even the bladder looked better. I was advised to continue with my four-hourly intermittent catheterisation, drink 300ml of water every hour and take 1mg Detrusitol twice daily. Detrusitol relaxes the bladder and must be taken with an empty stomach to optimise its absorption. The result of this check-up is like a silver lining behind the dark clouds of my extended illness that had afflicted me for the past month. I am happy that my prayers had been answered and my diet is working. Hopefully, the next check-up will show even more improvement. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Gurney Drive Escapade – Day 3

View of sunsire from Gurney Hotel

It was about five in the morning. My coughing woke us both up. We could not sleep anymore and lazed in bed for a while. The room window looked out to the east and we hoped to catch the sunrise that we missed the morning before. Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy. The rising sun was hidden from view. We got up to get ready for breakfast. After getting all dressed up, we looked out the window to find the sea was bathed in a shimmering reflection of the sun that had risen about thirty degrees from the horizon, still partially obscured by the clouds.

The Evergreen Laurel Hotel is located just beside the Gurney Hotel. We dropped in to check on the breakfast menu and decided that RM29 per person for a buffet breakfast was a tad too expensive. Our next choice was Khaleel Nasi Kandar which was further up the road. There is only one nasi kandar shop in the entire stretch of Gurney Drive. Half-boiled eggs and toasts are not a Mamak’s speciality. It was a mistake ordering those. We would have had a heartier breakfast had we ordered roti canai or thosai instead.

We did not linger at the seafront although the weather was just right. We wanted to go back and pack up and then rest a while before checking-out. Wuan is always on the lookout for photo opportunities of pretty flowers. At the driveway to the Evergreen Laurel Hotel, some vines hanging down from the wall were blooming. Although it was not the prettiest of flowers, the morning sun gave it an unusual glow that made it an interesting subject.

Checking-out was simple. Wuan just returned the keycards and retrieved the credit card slip from the receptionist. The slip was printed out when she was requested to pay for room for the first night. We had booked a taxi to come fetch us. While waiting, Wuan went out and took more images. We did not enjoy this mini-vacation much due to my relentless coughing, food that was below par and irretrievably spoilt by the messed-up room reservation.