Jesus’ Gift

About two months ago, I was greatly disturbed by a family matter that had been dragging on for the past ten years. After several attempts to have it resolved amicably proved futile, I resorted to getting legal advice. The issue is still being pursued by the lawyer that I had engaged. The dispute that stemmed from that whole affair truly disheartened me. There was one particular day that I felt most distressed over the entire episode. That morning, I was praying with the Shalom. It is a booklet with a devotional theme for each day of the month that many Catholics use with their daily prayers. One paragraph quoted from the Holy Bible for that day struck me. It was a conversation Jesus had with His disciples after their last meal. That exchange is known as the Farewell Discourses. Among them, He had said:

Peace I bequeath to you,
My own peace I give you,
a peace which the world cannot give,
this is my gift to you.
Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.

John 14:27 NJB

I read those verses again and again. For a long time I have not felt the serenity that came over me that morning. More often than not, I had thought that I could make things happen the way I wanted. When they did not go the way I had expected, I would become all anxious and disconsolate. Since my journey with Jesus began many months ago, among others, I have progressively learnt patience and trusting in His providence. Life has become so much simpler. Peace was what I needed most during that distressing moment and peace was what He gave me. What more can I ask for?

Ailing for a Change

Being generally unwell for the past few weeks had practically worn me down. Although I have been sleeping more than normal, I still wake up feeling tired and dispirited. I tend to yawn and feel drowsy just two or three hours after waking. Wuan suggested that I change my routine ? wake up earlier and have the breakfast that I usually skip. Following her advice, I dragged myself out of bed at eight this morning and had a mug of hot Milo. Lunch was also served earlier than usual because I was already feeling hungry at ten. Perhaps my diet had not been giving me the needed nutrition in which case, I will have to resort to vitamin and mineral supplements. It is no fun feeling exhausted all the time. Hopefully this change from the usual will perk up my vigour again.

The Certificate

Adel brought my Certificate of Baptism when she came with Anne today. She had collected it from the Church a while back but we were busy with our own things and have not met for three weeks until today. This certificate is the official affirmation of my being accepted into the Roman Catholic Church. However, this piece of paper will mean nothing if I do not live the way the Christ had prescribed. Everyday I pray that God will guide me in all that I do so that I may do it according to His will.