How To Become Famous Without Really Trying

1. Annoy a blogger

2. See #1.

When I first saw the photo below, I thought to myself, “Wow, nice car!”

Then I noticed the signboard with the wheelchair logo behind the car.

I thought to myself, “A disabled person who has made it to be able to afford such a nice car.”

Then I saw that he occupied two parking spaces.

I told myself what an idiotic and selfish disabled person the driver was to deprive other disabled people from using the parking space.

Then I read in Yoon Kit’s blog that the person who parked the car there refused to move the vehicle despite being told that he had occupied parking spaces for disabled people.

*&%$#@. That was all I could think of.

Parking spaces for disabled people are there for a purpose. They are extra-wide to allow the car door be opened fully and a wheelchair placed beside it for the disabled person to get in and out of the car. Regular parking spaces are too narrow for this. Another car parked beside the car of a disabled person in a regular-sized parking space will prevent the car door from being opened fully.

Driver of car BJD 8282. Pray very very hard that you never ever officially qualify to use these parking spaces. It is no fun for a disabled person to travel twenty kilometers to run errands only find all accessible parking spaces taken up by inconsiderate people like you and leaving us no place else to park.

Read Mentally Challenged Parkers for more on the incident. Special thanks to Yoon Kit for advocating on behalf of disabled people. Thanks also to Paul Tan for directing me to Yoon Kit’s blog.

BJD 8282 parking in spaces reserved for disabled people
Photo courtesy of Yoon Kit.