The Digital Awakening Is Ten Years Old!

The Digital Awakening turned ten last Monday. It slipped my mind until just now when I was perching on the porcelain throne. What a way to remember my blog’s anniversary.

While I am happy that this blog is still around after a decade, I am a little disappointed that I did not manage to hit two thousand posts. I am still 384 posts short of that target.

Nevertheless, I am glad to have started this blog. It was through this medium that I am able to chronicle the most significant period of my life. It was also through this medium that many friendships have been forged.

Thank you to all who have made my life more meaningful. My life is richer because of you. Here is a toast to another decade of blogging and another decade of great friendship.

The Digital Awakening Turns Nine

This post makes it the 1544th entry in this blog. It also marks the ninth anniversary of the inception of The Digital Awakening. That is nine years of my life, thoughts and opinions put into words, almost. I now look forward to posting my 2,000th entry some time this year and celebrating my first decade of blogging next year. This is going to be an exciting year for me where blogging is concerned.

The Digital Awakening Turns Seven

This blog turned seven on January 28 and it totally slipped my mind until two days later. I was busy with something else then and it is only today that I have some time to note this occasion. It never occured to me in 2003 that I would still be doing this today. I am glad that I discovered blogging. I was drifting aimlessly looking for a purpose in life. It was through blogging, or rather putting my thoughts in writing here, that I could piece together a map of what I would want to do with my life. So here I am, putting colours to the pictures as I live them out one by one. Most of them are chronicled in this blog, too. It has been seven fruitful years. Perhaps, now is a good time to piece together another picture to carry me through the next seven years. The old picture is almost fully coloured already.