When You Do Not Respect My Religion

How do you expect me to respect you as a person and the religion that you claim you profess when you so blatantly disrespect the Body of Christ that we Christians hold so sacred in our hearts? It is sacrilege of the utmost degree to desecrate the Host by spitting it out, take a photo of it and then put it up in your magazine for all to see. Did your religion not teach you to respect other people’s religions?

In response to this desecration, I implore my brothers and sisters in Christ to lodge their strongest protest with the authorities and the publisher of the magazine for this grave insult. At the same time, I also urge my brothers and sisters in Christ to keep their hearts open for forgiveness and pray for these lost souls to be enlightened of their errant ways. Having said that, I am also proud and blessed to count among my friends Muslims who respect my faith as much as I respect theirs.

Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.’ Then they cast lots to share out his clothing.
(Luke 23:34 NJB)

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Sunday March 7, 2010
Al-Islam apologises for hurting Christians’ feelings

KUALA LUMPUR: Al-Islam magazine has apologised over a special report last year for “unintentionally hurting the feelings of Christians, particularly Catholics”.

The apology was posted on the website of its publisher Utusan Karya on Friday.

It said in a three-paragraph statement that the report was to investigate allegations of apostasy and the actions of its journalists “were never intended to deride the Christian faith, let alone desecrate their house of worship”.

“The two reporters involved also tendered their apology for not realising that what they have done in the course of their assigment has offended the feelings of Christians. Al-Islam hopes that such a thing will not recur,” it said.

The magazine stated that the apology would be published in next month’s publication.

The report entitled Tinjauan Al-Islam Dalam Gereja — Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Melayu Murtad (Al-Islam’s investigation in the church — finding the truth on teenage Malay apostates) was published in its May 2009 issue, in which its journalists had posed as Christians and participated in a mass at the St Anthony’s Church in Jalan Robertson near Puduraya.

The reporters were said to have admitted to receiving the Holy Communion then spitting it out, an act Catholics consider a sacrilege.

Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam had on Thursday said the church would not pursue legal action against the magazine nor its reporters if a public apology was offered.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had said stern action would not be in the interest of justice, peace and harmony at this particular time, adding that the reporters “did not know the significance of the white bread”.

Reverand Murphy said he was pleased with the quick response by the publishers, editors and authors.

“We accept their apology and extend our hand in peace. The Catholic community is now at peace following the apology. May God bless our country,” he said.

Mr. Body Snatcher, Please Leave My Body Alone

The very thought of my cold and very dead body being snatched by overzealous people in the name of their religion and being buried under rites foreign to me is unnerving. Dead man tells no tales but should that ever happen to me, you can bet that I will turn over in my grave in protest.

Therefore to prevent my body from being confiscated by body snatchers in the name of their God and religion, I am stating the following for the benefit of my next-of-kin, the courts of law, the religious order of my chosen faith and anyone who may have an interest in the very dead body of mine and my estate.

If I were to suddenly die today, I would like to reiterate now that I have never renounced my current faith in Roman Catholicism. I have never converted to another religion, specifically Islam. I have never practiced what is required of good Muslim men. I will believe in Jesus Christ as my God and Saviour till my very last breath.

All my life, I have eaten pork and will continue to enjoy the one thousand and one ways it can be cooked. I have consumed liquor and would have continued to do so had it not been for my chronic kidney disease. Against the teachings of my chosen faith, I admit that I do gamble occasionally. I cannot help it. That is me practicing being Chinese to the very core.

So, please Mr. Body Snatcher, please leave my corpse alone. I am not of your faith, never will be. If you have records to prove it, I assure you that those are forgeries. Having my body does not guarantee that you have my soul. Let God and God alone be my judge and punish me for my sins. If I have to go to hell according to your beliefs, so be it. Whatever, it is , let my remains rest in peace. My final wish is to be sent off as a Roman Catholic. That is the least you can do for a man who can no longer speak for himself and stand up for his rights. That is called respecting the dead. Faham?