Christmas Present From Wuan

A paper bag was waiting for me at my work table when I woke up on the morning of Christmas. I peeked into it and to my surprise, the book on origami that I have been eyeing greeted me in return. I know I am going to have fun folding the various objects from the diagrams contained in the book. Tor cheh lou por.

Christmas present from Wuan
This is the picture on the paper bag that contained the Christmas present from Wuan.

Christmas present from Wuan
Christmas present from Wuan – the origami book that I had wanted to get!

Christmas Came Early

Christmas presents from Jocelyn 2008

I tell you, there is a Santa Claus and she is alive and well and sending out presents to people who have been good all year round. Ahem! Yes, Santa Claus is a she! Look what her elf disguised as the friendly postman delivered this morning – a Christmas card and a His & Hers diaries for Wuan and I. Thank you Aunty Jocelyn for the early Christmas gifts. And yes, she goes by the name Jocelyn among others. Here is wishing a Blessed Christmas to Aunty Jocelyn and all at home.