Scheduled Ultrasound Of My Kidneys And Bladder

Wuan and I got up extra early today to go for my scheduled ultrasound of kidneys and bladder at the University Malaya Medical Centre/ UMMC (Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya / PPUM). The procedure took extra long as the radiologist referred the anomalies she saw in my kidneys and bladder to her colleagues. When I asked her the condition of my kidneys, all she could offer were that my kidneys were echogenic. I did a search at Google and the one of the listed websites said that echogenicity of the kidneys is not normal. That I know of my kidneys already. She also mentioned something about what appeared to be cysts in one of my kidneys. Apparently, there is still some swelling in the left kidney. What I do know is that I have hydronephrosis of both kidneys and that the left kidney is athrophied at 7cm compared to the normal size of 10cm or more. I will have to wait for the full report when I go back for my scheduled check up at the rehabilitation clinic next month.