Some Malaysian Bloggers Have Poor Comprehension Of The English Language

Is the Malaysian education system churning out students who have poor understanding of the English Language and lack critical analysis skills? I would like to believe this is not the case but the three comments by two bloggers in my previous entry titled I Am Not Voting For The Opposition proves otherwise. Since the Parliament was dissolved and the polling date set, I have been gripped by election fever together with the rest of the nation. This is like one grand celebration that happens only once every five years that everyone can participate in. This is also an event that will determine who will run the country and ultimately decides on the direction that our nation will take for the next half decade.

The excitement got me to thinking about the various political parties and the manifestos that they will be presenting to the electorate. In my mind, the Barisan Nasional (BN) had always been the ruling party and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) the opposition. Several bloggers have also written about why they will vote for the opposition. Then it struck me that once the Parliament is dissolved, we no longer have a ruling party and an opposition party. Every political party now starts afresh and are equals in standing, hypothetically, that is. Subsequently, any party, be it the BN, DAP or PAS, that has a majority in the Parliament can become the next ruling party.

As for me, I said I will neither vote for the ruling party nor the opposition party because those two no longer exist. There are only political parties that are vying to become the next ruling party and form the next government. The one with the lesser seats will have to be contented with becoming the opposition party. I will vote for any political party or candidate that respects the rights and dignity of the people that they will be governing for another term. I will vote for a candidate that will walk his talk. That was what I wrote in my election manifesto. Therefore, how the two bloggers came to the conclusion that I will not be voting in this general election is perplexing indeed.