You Can Take The Cat Out Of The Jungle

Cheeking crouching to pounce

… but you cannot take the jungle out of the cat. This is very evident in Cheeky who is fond of crouching down before pouncing on Fei Por at every available opportunity. Once in a while, he would do this to Wuan too, hiding behind the doorstep and jumping on Wuan when she passes by. These domestic cats may have lived in the urban jungle all their lives but their tracking and hunting instincts are very much intact. Such jocundity has kept us entertained when there is nothing interesting to watch on the television.

Introducing Cheeky

Cheeky the kitten
Photo by Wuan.

There is a new addition to our household. We had dropped Fei Por at the veterinary clinic in Ipoh when we went to Penang last Thursday. When we went to pick her up on Saturday, the clinic had several kittens that were put up for adoption. Wuan took an instant liking to a teensy white kitten that licked her fingers when she held him up. We took him home with us after he was inoculated and dewormed. Much to our relief, Fei Por began to groom him when Wuan put them together. He is a fiesty one. His mews are even louder than Fei Por’s. After several days of thinking of a suitable name for him, Wuan has decided to call him Cheeky because of his playfulness and fondness of biting on our fingers and toes. Welcome little one. We hope you will grow up to be strong and healthy.