My Dell XPS M1330 Zapped Me

I just got hit by an electrical shock when my left index finger touched the brushed aluminium panel encasing the touchpad of my laptop. The discharge was strong enough to give me a jolt me and temporarily numbed the tip of the finger. A search on Google revealed that this problem occurs in Dell XPS series, MacBook Pro and other makes of laptops with similar metal panels. I am currently using the Dell XPS M1330. Hopefully, this is just a static discharge instead of an electrical leakage of the system. My laptop is already connected to the power socket via a three-pin plug.

Wuan’s Malayan Tiger Photo Sold For US$275

Malayan Tiger at Lok Kawi Zoo, Sabah

Maureen, an agent for a book publisher in the USA, got in touch with me a while back to buy the North American rights for the above photo that Wuan took at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah. The offer was US$150 for one time rights or US$275 for future rights. We opted for the latter for all print and electronic ancillaries. We used the earning that amounted to RM876.29 (RM887.95 before deducting bank commission) for a 38L Aipo dry cabinet to store the Nikon D60 and a Lowepro Fastpack 250 backpack that can accommodate the DSLR and my notebook.