Response From Jusco Taman Maluri

Two days ago, a Cik Sharifah from Jusco Taman Maluri Shopping Centre called in response to my complaint regarding the facilities for disabled people. I did not pick up the phone. She left a voice mail. I called back.

Inconsiderate driver of car WLC 5702 and WNY 8347 stealing parking space for disabled people at Jusco Taman Maluri Shopping Centre
Drivers WLC 5702 and WNY 8347 abusing parking spaces for disabled people at Jusco Taman Maluri.
Photo by Wuan.

I stressed on the need to ensure that the accessible parking are made available only to disabled people and not to every inconsiderate Tom Dick and Harry. At the same time, I questioned her about the purpose of the Priority Cashier Lane at the supermarket when disabled people, senior citizens and pregnant women still have to follow the queue like everyone else.

Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre Priority Cashier Lane
Jusco Priority Cashier Lane at Kinta City Shopping Centre.
Photo by Wuan.

She did not give a definitive answer to the two issues that I brought up except to say that they will look into it and improve their service to customers. I told her that I will complain again if I still face the same problems the next time I am there.

Update: January 16, 2009
A Cik Aniza from Jusco Taman Maluri called just now regarding the Priority Cashier Lane. Apparently, she is with the store while Cik Sarifah who called earlier is in charge of the shopping centre. Shortly after she called, a staff from AEON careline called to check if anyone contacted me regarding the Priority Cashier Lane matter. In fact, after Cik Sharifah called me the other day, Yvonne from AEON Careline called to check if anyone called me regarding the abuse of accessible parking the next day. Hats off to Jusco and AEON Careline for the response. Now lets hope they will carry through by ensuring the facilities for disabled people are not abused.

Update: January 17, 2009
A Miss Khor from Kinta City Shopping Centre called regarding the accessible parking. She informed me that the shopping centre has allocated 4 accessible car park at Level 2 in the multi-storey car park. I will check it out when I am in Ipoh next week. I am impressed by AEON Careline’s response to the issues I brought up. Miss Yvonne of AEON Careline has been calling to verify if the respective Jusco stores and shopping centres have contacted me. Did I say I am impressed with their customer service? That aside, lets see if my complaints have been addressed the next time I visit them.