It Is Expensive To Be Sick

Sangobion, KY Jelly and Ketosteril

Yesterday was my scheduled medical check up at UMMC. As I am holding the card issued by the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia for disabled persons, doctor’s consultation, medical tests and medicine are free. These are Detrusitol, Lactulose and other supplements. Those would have cost RM200 per month if I had to pay for them. Apart from that, I am also taking Ketosteril to supplement my low-protein diet and Sangobion for anaemia, both of which the hospital does not provide. One box of 100 Ketosteril tablets costs RM260. I need two boxes per month. That is the minimum. The recommended dosage is 4 boxes. I also bought several other items, namely KY Jelly and one silicon foley catheter, which are cheaper at the UMMC pharmacy than other places. The bill came out to RM1109.20. This is where most of my income from online activities go to. What people say is true – money cannot buy health. Given a choice, I would rather be healthy and happy than wealthy. No, I am not rich either. That makes it doubly painful.