TENA Malaysia Rediscover Dreams Video

This video is about my work as a senior trainer on Disability Equality Training (DET) and my life story. Thank you to TENA Malaysia for the opportunity to promote DET to its staff and supporters.

Thank you, too, to the participants for their effort during the group exercises, action plan making and presentations. I am glad that I was able to facilitate you all into understanding disability better and the ways we can make society more inclusive of disabled people.

Special appreciation must go to the team from Lucideas for their unwavering support throughout this campaign, especially to Beatrice, Wendy, Benji and Gadiy; and to the video and sound crew for making me feel like a star with all the cameras and bright lights. This is an experience that will be hard to forget.

Disability Equality Training (DET) For Tena Malaysia

Tena Malaysia organised a Disability Equality Training (DET) workshop at Black Box, MAP@Publika on September 2. Tena is the brand name for a range of adult diapers. The workshop was in conjunction with the brand’s Rediscover Dream campaign, an intiative “to assist individuals to rediscover dreams and share their inspirational stories with everyone.”

Group 3 sharing their action plan on making a school accessible.

What I like most about conducting DET workshops is to see the transformation of participants from having minimal knowledge of disability issues to coming out with comprehensive action plans to make their work places accessible. This workshop was no exception.

I especially like the action plan by the team from Tena. One of their two offices in located in an old building where retrofitting a ramp could be difficult, if not impossible, due to space constraints. The alternative is to put up portable ramps that could be deployed as and when required.

Group 1 with their action plan on using portable ramps and making the executive wash room accessible.

The canteen is located at an upper floor not accessible to wheelchair users. The solution is to get the canteen operator to provide delivery service. Likewise, the lack of accessible toilet was solved by converting the executive wash room with the installation of handrails and other fittings.

This wonderful action plan proves that solving problems faced by disabled people do not always need to involve large sums of money or engineering. Merely by thinking out of the box, simple yet practical solutions can be discovered and implemented.

Group 2 have an interesting way to create awareness of barriers by using reverse psychology.

A big thank you goes out to the participants who sacrificed their Sunday for this, Tena Malaysia for including me in the campaign and the team from Lucideas for their support during the workshop.