Scald Wound – 2 Weeks After

The scald wound has finally healed. The scabs have been coming off bit by bit. Two days after the incident, I was invited to conduct a session on Disability Equality Training in Kuching next week. I worried if the wound could heal in time. It will be inconvenient for me to wear pants for a long period of time with the wound still raw and especially so far away from home in an unfamiliar place.

Scald wound after 2 weeks.
Photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

One good thing about my body is that scrapes and wounds like this heal without much problem and I am thankful for that. I have one less issue to worry about when I travel. At the very least, I do not have to avoid taboo food like prawns, mackerels and eggs that the Chinese believe will cause wounds to heal very slowly, not that I eat a lot of those food anyway.

Scalded Yet Again

As a kid, I used to scamper all over, fell down a lot and scraped my legs more often than I can remember. The keloid scars on my knees are vestiges of those times. As an adult now, I no longer scamper around on my feet anymore but I still get injuries on my legs every now and then. Just yesterday, I spilled a whole bowl of piping hot porridge on my lap.

The angry looking scald wound on my right thigh.
Photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

There is one very large and angry looking wound on my right thigh. My left thigh and foot also sustained second degree burns although not as serious as that large wound. Some of the blisters have broken. The good thing is that the wounds are not painful due to the reduced sensation from spinal cord injury.

My mind must have been somewhere else when I lifted the bowl of porridge after ladling it out from the cooker. It slipped, and before I knew it, the porridge was all over my lap, my left foot and on the floor.

This is one of the risks of handling hot liquid or food for wheelchair users, especially when one is not careful. Past experiences with such wounds have taught me to keep them clean and dry, and they will heal in no time.