PT Phone Home

The convenience of the modern day technology has irreversibly enslaved me. No doubt these things have made my life easier; it has come to a point where to live without them is unthinkable. The mobile phone I am using is acting up intermittently which got me tearing my hair out looking for a solution. The phone?s reception bar showed a full signal. Sometimes I can dial out, sometimes I cannot. Likewise for incoming calls.

Switching the SIM card to my old Siemens C35 phone yielded the same problem. At least I know that the new phone is not at fault. Celcom’s customer service, although polite, offered no immediate pacification. I was told that my complaint will be looked into and hopefully resolved within three days. In the meantime, I have to restrain my compulsion to chat with Wuan over the phone, which we do many times per day. This had left me restless for most part of the afternoon and evening.

That is a photo of my phones. The Siemens’ battery cover is broken. It is being held together by a rubber band. This is almost like my broken camera battery cover which is being held shut by my tripod’s quick release plate. I tend to drop things a lot because of my weak grip. A lot of the things that I use are extra large in size so that I can hold them properly but mobile phone nowadays are getting smaller and smaller. Using one can be a problem at times. It is ludicrous that such a small piece of technology can affect me that much – pathetic but true.