All Is Not Well With My Kidneys

Wuan took me to UMMC for my scheduled medical check-up today. The blood test revealed that my serum creatinine has hit the roof again – 289umol/l. This is the highest level yet. and is an indication that something is not right. I had to see the dietician to review my low-protein diet again. I have been stuffing myself with rice to appease the hunger pangs during meals. My allowable daily rice quota is one bowl but I have consistently blew it by adding another bowl into each meal. Rice contains protein. This I have to replace with fruits from now on. Fruits too contain protein but in lower amounts than rice.

In addition to Detrusitol for my overactive bladder, and Lactulose and Dulcolax for my bowel management, Dr. Chung, the doctor on duty, also prescribed calcium (calcium lactate), iron (ferrous fumarate) and folic acid tablets. According to him, after so many years of not walking, my bones would have become osteoporotic. The fact that I have not been keepng to my standing exercises aggravated the condition. The calcium supplement was to reduce the osteoporosis. The iron and folic acid tablets were to replace the Sangobion that I have been taking for aneamia. He also wrote a referral for me to see a urologist to perform a urodynamic test to determine the pressure in my bladder. Looks like I have to go back for a series of tests and to collect my medication on a regular basis from now on. That I have to do nonetheless in order to maintain the health of my kidneys and other complications associated with spinal cord injury.