WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Update

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” was released on June 17. I did not have time until yesterday to update The Digital Awakening blog engine. WordPress has made this process painless and fuss-free. It was accomplished with just two clicks, the first the “Update to 3.0” button in the Dashboard and the second the “Upgrade Automatically” button at the Upgrade page. I also updated all plugins to the latest version with another click of the button.

Everything seems to be working fine except “CG-Archive by Year” plugin. This displays the blog archive by month and categorised under year at the sidebar. I turned it off and reverted to using template tag. Although the latter does not group the monthly archives by year, it shall do for now until I can find another plugin that does something similar.

The update includes a new default template called the Twenty Ten. It has a nice and clean layout, a template that I would want to use for this blog. This theme is also very configurable. However, I am holding back because I am not ready to work on it to suit my needs at the moment.

WordPress 2.9.1 Upgrade

When WordPress 2.9 was released, I upgraded but trackbacks were not sent out. I reverted to 2.8.6. WordPress 2.9.1 corrected that but another long-standing problem I have been facing still remains. Trackback links successfully sent out remains in the “to_ping” column instead of moved to “pinged” column in the database. I wonder if this problem is unique to me or the server that this blog resides in or one that other WordPress users are facing too.

Upgraded To WordPress 2.8.6 Security Release

Just upgraded to WordPress to version 2.8.6. Upgrading the blog engine nowadays is so easy. There are two buttons in the dashboard just for that when an upgrade is released. One button is to allow automatic upgrade while the other is for downloading the zipped files for manual upgrading. Most times, I just let it upgrade automatically without even bothering to backup my database and files. There is a risk of getting my files corrupted but I do a daily backup of the database. Should anything happen, I can easily restore using the backup file.