Thirtieth year living with spinal cord injury

Thirty years post spinal cord injury. It has been a long journey. I got a little melancholic reading the article I wrote in The Borneo Post last week about this fateful day.

I am still paying the price for the mistake of diving into the swimming pool a long time ago. I am not complaining though. I have to live with the choices I made, good or bad.

A first-year medical student asked me recently if I regretted doing what I did that day.

“There is no point regretting,” I told him. “I cannot change what I have done.”

I may regret doing many things, or not doing others, but this, never. I can wallow in guilt or use the effort to deal with the emotions on more productive deeds.

Frankly, I never thought I would live to see this day but here I am. I have made it! I guess we can never know how far we can go even when we are living one day at a time.