New Straits Times: MoNSTer move into blogging

New Srtaits Times - July 15, 2006: MoNSTer move into blogging
New Straits Times – July 15, 2006: Page 16 – MoNSTer move into blogging

MoNSTer move into blogging
15 Jul 2006
By Shannon Teoh

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Straits Times is embracing a whole new level of interactivity with its readers with the launch of MoNSTer, its very own blogging portal.

And giving it voice are some of the best known bloggers in the country, including Paul Tan and Sultan Muzaffar, whose own websites attract thousands of visitors.

The blogging team has begun posting on current issues and topics close to their heart at

Readers of the NST are invited to participate by posting their comments. The project has been executed in partnership with Jaring, which provides ready-made infrastructure.

“This will give us a platform to get feedback on issues being discussed. In turn, it can be harvested into a source of content for print,” said New Straits Times Press chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar.

He said the project was a continuation of the NST’s efforts to reach out to the general public.

“Similarly, when we launched ‘Your Say’, our mobile interactive service, it was because we felt a connection with our readers was important.

“We want to add to the atmosphere of openness for our audience. Certainly blogging is a very liberal form of media where there are few restrictions, but we are confident from what we have seen on their blogs that common sense will prevail and we will moderate only where required,” said Syed Faisal.

He added that the views expressed by the bloggers were their own and not that of the NST.

Syed Faisal’s counterpart at Jaring, Dr Mohamed Awang Lah, believes that Internet service providers must also play a role in providing meaningful local content. That, he said, was the reason for this partnership.

“We have chosen to start rather small, and hope that this will serve as a proof-of-concept for greater things,” said Dr Mohamed Awang Lah.

He added that the penetration of the Internet, especially broadband, was only a means to an end.

“Content is the end-goal of people on the Internet. That is why Jaring not only propagates the means, but also helps create the end result.”

Among the bloggers who have joined the team, Paul Tan garners the highest readership. He sees this as an endorsement for local bloggers.

“Blogging has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years. I think this move is a recognition of the validity of blogs as a form of modern media,” said Tan.

1. Kimberlycun (
Kimberly is a 21-year-old Hokkien girl who believes that narcissism, not just self-esteem, is necessary to cope with life. Her blog is filled with pictures of her not unlovely-self and rather vitriolic rants about… anything she doesn’t like — which is a lot since she admits to not having any passion besides eating. Visits per month: About 15,000.

2. KY (
This is basically a localised lifestyle blog. Plenty of food reviews, a bit of everything else but he also has a dedicated area for motoring. Visits per month: Steadily growing to nearly 15,000

3. Joyce (
Joyce is a cute 23-year-old who is into all the pleasures of life, especially fashion. Her blog, however, has an inordinate amount of content dedicated to TV host and radio deejay, Adam Carruthers. Guess it helps readership. Hits per month: Over 50,000.

4. Minishorts (
It is about being a twenty-something Malaysian woman trying to find her way in life by fixing her zits and coming to terms with the working world. Visits per month: Over 20,000.

5. Paul Tan (
Cars, cars, cars and sometimes bikes and what not. Paul is one of few bloggers in Malaysia who’s made it big by just blogging on a certain topic. Malaysia’s best source of what’s new for all things motoring. Visits per month: About 420,000.

6. Peter Tan (
Born and bred in Penang in the Year of the Fire Horse, he is one of the few bloggers who are a bit more conservative. He suffered spinal cord injury at the age of 18 and is paralysed from the chest down but is now a crusader for projects on Independent Living for People with Disabilities. His space chronicles his life which inevitably delves into issues concerning the disabled. Visits per month: N/A

7. Shaolin Tiger (
A Brit in his late 20s who somehow believes himself quite Asian. His blog follows his adventures in eating, drinking, scuba diving and partying in Malaysia. Visits per month: Over 30,000.

8. Suanie (
Suanie is in her mid-20s and claims to like contradicting herself and boasts of having atrocious grammar and spelling. All this possibly to deflect criticism, which she doesn’t get much of to begin with. Visits per month: Around 15,000.

9. Sultan Muzaffar (
One of the biggest entertainment blogs in Malaysia. He blogs in Malay and covers all facets of the local (specifically Malay) entertainment industry. Visits per month: Just under 50,000.

10. Joe Rodrigo
His blog concerns sports related stories.

11. Srikathirasa
He is the News Editor and columnist with the NST. He is the new baby on the block.

Source: New Straits Times – Malaysia News Online

Author: Peter Tan

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