Unproductive days

I have been feeling lightheaded on and off recently which I attribute to hypoglecemia. That is exacerbated by occasional hypotension related to peritoneal dialysis. I was advised by the doctor to stop taking amlodipine, the medicine to control my hypertension.

Nevertheless, the convergence of these two symptoms in the past few days have made me listless. The current hot spell is not helping either. I cooped myself up in the bedroom with the air-conditioner at full blast almost the whole of yesterday.

I had to drag myself out of bed today because I felt that the more I slept the more listless I would become. Even then, I have not been able to do much. Hopefully, this will go away soon and not symptoms of something more serious.

New year, new blood

Lego minifigure in wheelchair posing in front of box with the word "Mircera" in bold and "meythoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta" below it.
50mcg Mircera

Time for another monthly dose of 50mcg epoetin. My kidneys can no longer produce erythropoietin (EPO), a hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells. I was severely aneamic because of that.

Epoetin is a man-made hormone that has the same effect as EPO. My red blood cells have gone back to normal levels since I started on this therapy. From 8.7g/dL in April 2018, it has gradually increased to 13.8g/dL in October 2018.

Each dose comes in a syringe that can be self-administered. Wuan has been injecting me on the abdomen since last year. Each 50mcg dose costs RM111. It is a painless procedure where she pinches the skin and injects the solution. All is done in 5 seconds.

Inappropriate disability-related term: otak kurang upaya

The usage of the term “otak kurang upaya” to describe inconsiderate people who misuse accessible parking spaces irks me no end. This post was written in reaction to the following article:
‘Otak kurang upaya’ – activist slams able-bodied who park in OKU spots

Calling inconsiderate drivers “otak kurang upaya” is derogatory and an insult to those with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities. These are two categories of disabilities recognised by the Department of Social Welfare under the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008.

It is unfortunate that a veteran disabled activist who is also an office bearer of a leading disability-related organisation in the country was reported to have used this term.

Champions of disability rights, whether they are disabled or non-disabled people, should choose their words wisely when pointing out cases like this. Creating awareness by using negative terms like that is counter-productive to the cause.

There are so many other appropriate terms that can be used to describe people who misuse accessible parking spaces like inconsiderate, lacking civic-consciousness, selfish and thoughtless.

People who are interested in protecting the rights of disabled people should think before they speak. And they should begin by not humiliating any group of disabled people when doing so.